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WednesdayNovember 2014

“This picture book is 12 chapters and 96 pages of awesome… written by several big, creative, amazing, hard-working, and inspired writers that you haven’t heard of until now — because they’re in elementary school.” -Picture Book Review-

What an amazing review of Where Is It Coming From?, 826michigan’s first major publication featuring students from Detroit. We think the stories are delightful, hilarious and filled with the energy of the fantastic students who wrote them. It’s our view that this book just may be a great collector’s item — not only because of the students who wrote it, but also because of who illustrated the stories. This is Dave Eggers’ first time bringing to life the pages of a picture book, and we must say the images are imbued with Dave’s personal sense of anarchic wit.

CLICK HERE to read the rest of this amazing book review.

Where Is It Coming From?  is available online exclusively at Literati Bookstore. It can also be purchased at Liberty Street Robot Supply and Repair and Literati Bookstore’s Ann Arbor location. Source Booksellers is our exclusive retail partner in the City of Detroit.

WednesdayNovember 2014

In this warm shout-out to 826michigan in the Knight Arts Blog, a program of the Knight Foundation, viewers get a brief excerpt of 826 National co-founder Dave Eggers’ keynote address at the 2014 Van Dusen Leadership Forum and a peek our latest publication, Where Is It Coming From? The book…

WednesdayNovember 2014

Just in time for Sweater Weather and the release of our latest publication, Where Is It Coming From?, 826 National co-founder Dave Eggers answered a few questions by the Detroit Free Press regarding  “Buccaneers, Robots, Yetis and Other Agents of Social Change,” the subject of his talk for the November 2014…

WednesdayNovember 2014

In November 2014, 826 National co-founder Dave Eggers spent a few moments with Model D to preview his keynote address at the Van Dusen Leadership Forum at Wayne State, discuss the wide-reaching impact of 826 centers across the nation, and highlight Where Is It Coming From?, 826michigan’s first major publication…

FridayJune 2014

826michigan’s latest publication, Enjoy! Recipes for Building Community, was featured in a piece for Michigan Radio with Jennifer White. In the piece, Jennifer talks to Ari Weinzweig of Zingerman’s, Ypsilanti Community High School teacher Liz Sirman, and Enjoy! student contributor Lucy Centeno about how food connects us to both our cultural history and…

TuesdayJune 2014

826michigan and its network of seven other tutoring centers nation-wide, 826 National, were recently featured in Education Week. The article discusses the success of the 826 model, rooted in the idea that the most beneficial help for students from under-resourced communities will come from adults within those communities. Check out…

MondayJune 2014

826michigan’s latest publication is out now! Check out this article in the Ypsilanti Courier featuring our fantastic new book, Enjoy! Recipes for Building Community.

FridayMay 2014

Whether they’re at school, participating in our programs, or getting involved with their communities, 826michigan students do amazing things every day. Check out some much-deserved attention a few of our students have received in the press lately.

ThursdayFebruary 2014

Kate Wells at Michigan Radio wrote up an article about the current state of arts education, featuring 826michigan’s field trip program. Here’s a great segment about why 826michigan’s exciting and interactive field trips are so beneficial to our students: “Their teacher, Cathy Winters, says the kids who never talk in class…

TuesdayFebruary 2014

Jesse Dylan wrote up an awesome blog post on the Huffington Post’s Education section about the importance of teachers and mentors. After a recent visit to 826LA, Jesse was “struck by the wonderment and excitement among the children that was certainly fostered by the whimsical environs.” But behind the magic…

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