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Care to meet the elite team of supervolunteers whom we’ve honored over the years?

WednesdayJuly 2015

Noelle Sciarini, volunteer of the month

Noelle Sciarini, Volunteer Extraordinaire

We often have folks come to us, wondering if there are volunteer opportunities for those who work nine-to-five, full-time-style jobs. We show them a picture of Noelle Sciarini, our July Volunteer of the Month.

Okay, we don’t actually do that, but we COULD, because Noelle has found so many ways to become invaluable to 826michigan, fitting them around her busy work schedule. 

Noelle began by helping to facilitate evening workshops and Wee-bots Drop-in writing sessions. She quickly jumped in to help copyedit major publications, joined our 826 Ambassadors Events & Outreach Committee, took on a weekly evening store shift, and regularly makes our volunteer events more delightful and fun-filled. Noelle is a key member of our volunteer deep-cleaning crew, the Scrub & Grub Club, she has helped with innumerable outreach events, and served as a facilitator at our Family Write Nights. 

Since September of 2014, Noelle has increased her role here, becoming a Marketing & Development intern. She has helped us research grant opportunities and written big portions of many of them herself.  Her help with grant writing has so far garnered over $5,500 from corporate donors such as Toyota USA Foundation and Macy’s, in support of our in-school programs and our tutoring labs!

Noelle does all this AND MORE with her signature sunny demeanor, delightfully dry sense of humor, and generous spirit. Need an evening store shift covered? It is most often Noelle to the rescue. On-the-spot aria performance needed during Bot-choir? Noelle will step right in. The bizarre turns of events that make up daily life at 826 are no match for Noelle, who is always ready to tackle any situation with a (truly gorgeous) smile. Easy-going and incredibly competent, we are so grateful to have Noelle on our team. 

Noelle, thank you for all do you to make 826michigan a better, sunnier, funnier place!

TuesdayJune 2015

Sometimes we celebrate more than one volunteer in a month, and usually it is because they work closely together in a program, are related by blood, or are married. This month, we have paired two volunteers who don’t have any of these in common—but they DO happen to share a last…

MondayMay 2015

  There is the League of Superheroes and there is Dumbledore’s Army and there is the Dead Poet’s Society and then, above them all, is the special triumvirate of Liberty Street Tutoring Interns, Katie, Ricky, and Emma. Every day Monday through Thursday these three important people make our program run,…

WednesdayApril 2015

If you’ve been to Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair, you have likely encountered—perhaps even interacted with—the art of Elaine Reed, April’s Volunteer of the Month. RightBot, our human-sized robot not only displays faces of our students and recites the digits of Pi every five minutes*, it also provides endless…

WednesdayMarch 2015

“I’ll be cold for you.” These five words effectively sum up the amount of dedication and eagerness to help that our Volunteer of the Month, Cat Batsios, offers to the Detroit team. When it was uncertain if there would be enough support during a volunteer orientation session on a treacherously…

WednesdayFebruary 2015

  While a lot of 826 volunteers participate in many different programs, it seems that most have a favorite program, that is near and dear to their hearts. I think it is safe to say that Abby Ruehlmann, February 2015′s Volunteer of the Month, has found her favorite program at…

WednesdayJanuary 2015

One of the magical things about Lucy Huber (and trust us, there are MANY) is that she first came to 826michigan by way of another incredible 826er, Katie Jones, who left Michigan to pursue her graduate degree in writing in North Carolina. We had no idea how we would carry…

FridayDecember 2014

All sources agree: Pat Gold is PURE GOLD. True to her name, she really does seem to have the Midas Touch (in the good sense); everything she touches turns to sparkles and magic. For the past two school years, Pat has been a fixture at our Creative Writing Club at…

WednesdayOctober 2014

Since October 2013, Barb has been a model Robotier in our store on weekday mornings. She brings the words reliable, friendly, and helpful to new heights. Sometimes staff pause what we are doing on the other side of the curtain to listen to Barb greet customers and families, because it…

ThursdayOctober 2014

Sarah is a rock star student in the School of Education at the University of Michigan. Last spring, she held a store shift and served students in the Adams Creative Writing Club as a volunteer. This summer, she took her commitment to 826michigan to the next level, as an intern. This…

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