Volunteer of the Month

Care to meet the elite team of supervolunteers whom we’ve honored over the years?

MondaySeptember 2014

Chris Ankney

Christopher Ankney is a phenomenal part of the 826michigan volunteer team. For nearly two years, he has served in our robot shop as a robotier, treating the store as if it were his very own–during his TWO separate store shifts. He is so dedicated in fact, that he spent his birthday as a robotier! A group of Wee-Bots serenaded him while he wore a birthday cake hat–adorbs, anyone?

Christopher is an absolute fixture at 826michigan events. He is a past champion in Trivia for Cheaters and tackles competition at Volunteer Board Game Nights #likeaboss. He can be counted on to bring hilarity, warmth, and lots of fun to any gathering. He is also the number one supplier of Reduced Fat Cheez-Its and mouthwatering homemade pies. New volunteers often look to him for advice and support.

When Christopher isn’t serving as a robotier or helping new volunteers find their groove, he is working with students and co-teaching workshops using his stellar social media skills. In short, Christopher is a tremendous human being who contributes to 826michigan in many wonderful ways. Thank you so much, Christopher, for all that you do!

MondayAugust 2014

A Force of Goodness: August’s Volunteer of the Month is Megan Gilson! We have so much to say about Megan Gilson. When Megan began her undergraduate journey at the University of Michigan, she planned to study neuroscience. Very quickly, however,  she realized that the way she most wanted to help…

TuesdayJuly 2014

A Weekly Wonder: July’s Volunteer of the Month is Robyn Charles! Since Robyn Charles joined our volunteer corps last December, she’s been consistently amazing us by jumping into a wide variety of tasks with remarkable alacrity. This reporter had to Google what that meant for sure before putting it into…

SundayJune 2014

A Student and a Teacher: June’s Volunteer of the Month is Ariana Orozco! One of the many (many) great things about working at 826michigan is how many truly good people you get to meet.  People who freely give of themselves and their talents. People who make commitments and follow through….

ThursdayMay 2014

A Star Behind The Scenes: May’s Volunteer of the Month is Dane Larsen! We’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about this thing a nonprofit calls “capacity building”, aka what happens behind the scenes and how that contributes to our ability to make things happen in front of the…

TuesdayApril 2014

Just the Facts: April’s Volunteer of the Month is Matt Lauer! We hear our new Volunteer of the Month, Matt Lauer, likes facts. So we thought we’d give you a few facts about Matt Lauer. FACT: Matt Lauer has been a major player in the success of the first year…

SaturdayMarch 2014

  Ruby Tuesday: March’s Volunteer of the Month is Vicky Henry! If you’ve visited our robot store, the Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair in downtown Ann Arbor, you may know that the desk is staffed by a rotating cast of friendly volunteers — an elite crew known as “Robotiers”…

SaturdayFebruary 2014

In the Field: February’s Volunteer of the Month is Tom Bianchi! Tom Bianchi — also known as AT Bianchi, and as probably at least one or two more aliases — is 826michigan’s current Field Trips Intern. In this capacity, Tom coordinates two field trips a week from schools all over…

ThursdayJanuary 2014

  Our Favorite Mitten: January’s Volunteer of the Month is Autumn Maison! So. Mittenfest. Mittenfest VIII. You probably heard a fair amount about it this past month, and there’s still more to hear! Mittenfest VIII took place at Woodruff’s Bar in Depot Town Ypsilanti from December 27-31, featured donated performances…

MondayDecember 2013

  No Bull: December’s Volunteer of the Month is Ed Marsh! Ed Marsh is a volunteer who makes our whole tutoring lab light up when he walks in. Multi-talented, kind, funny, and full of intriguing stories to share, Ed has done many things since he started volunteering with us this…

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