Hatt Merlino our Volunteer of the Month!


TuesdayDecember 2018

Ode to Writing Written by the Community at the OMNIBUS X Release Celebration Words are daily dishes, breakfast lunch and dinner Make you feel like a winner Words smell like dusty books pages, the inside of a pencil sharpener, and nasty baloney Words are like popcorn Some of them have…

MondayDecember 2018

Happy December! We’ve made it to the end of another 2018! It is with gratefulness and joy that we appreciate Strategic Staffing Solutions in this end-of-year month for their contributions to support 826michigan’s programs in Detroit. This school year, Strategic Staffing Solutions awarded us grant funding for our Detroit Tutoring…

SaturdayDecember 2018

Hatt Merlino has been such a welcome part of the Detroit After-School Tutoring volunteer roster. Their calm demeanor has helped set such a good tone in our tutoring space in Detroit this year. They have a unique way of engaging students in a warm and attentive way, with a sensitivity…

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