Join the 826michigan team!

826michigan is looking for positive, creative, and hard-working people to join our team. We are committed to inspiring each of our 4,000 students to write confidently and skillfully with the help of adult volunteers in their communities. Please carefully explore the opportunities on this page; the person we are looking for could very well be you.

We are not currently hiring for any positions. Please do stay tuned, however. Candidates from diverse backgrounds are strongly encouraged to apply to all job postings.

If you are interested in applying to other roles at our organization, please stay connected! We post new job opportunities on our Facebook page and share out about them in our monthly newsletter.

To learn about our internship program, click here.

Things Upon Which We Agree as a Staff: Culture Tenets

Respect—We value the person before the position.  

We invest in people as our greatest resource and operate in an environment of trust built on staff autonomy and accountability. We work to make sure that each person gets what they need to feel successful, that all backgrounds, experiences, and identities are valued, and that there are a range of points of view that positively influence outcomes.

EngagementWe show up wholeheartedly in all aspects of our work and support our teammates to do the same.

We share an earnest desire to make 826michigan the best it can be—we hold ourselves to high standards and constantly seek ways to learn, grow, and improve. We own our work, taking responsibility for our individual roles, and practice honesty and integrity. We organize transparent systems and structures to share power and information. 

CollaborationWe work together, support, and learn from one another.

We value collective participation and actively engage in opportunities to work together and support each other’s work. We recognize that our impact is much greater collectively than as individuals and that our success is based on the strength of our relationships. We learn from one another, celebrate together, and work to overcome challenges as a team, while respecting one another’s personal and professional boundaries.

EncouragementWe uplift each other and the work we do.

Our work is structured on the regular practice of appreciation, feedback, and debrief. We celebrate creativity, value the unusual, and seek out opportunities to bring joy to our work. 

CourageWe communicate, create, and work bravely.

We do our work within and alongside institutions that marginalize and privilege groups based on identity and ability, impacting one’s access to power and opportunity. In light of this, we recognize the need for continuous growth, and we commit to courageous, direct, and respectful communication, especially when navigating conflict.


Inclusion Statement

As an organization committed to encouraging youth in their creative expression, personal growth, and academic success, 826 National and its chapters recognize the importance of diversity at all levels and in all aspects of our work. In order for us to serve students in a manner that is respectful, culturally sensitive, and effective, we must collectively and intentionally invest in building a diverse and inclusive organization where all are safe and welcomed. 826michigan prohibits discrimination or harassment on the basis of race, religion, ethnicity, age, gender identity, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, nationality, marital status, English fluency, parental status, citizenship, military service, or disability of any person employed by or seeking employment with 826michigan. 826michigan is an equal opportunity employer.

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