What are we up to around 826michigan? A lot! From Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair updates to program closures to news and views from our students and volunteers, our blog chronicles it all.

WednesdayMay 2019

You’re invited to join 826michigan on June 6 as we celebrate our 10th annual Storymakers Dinner with featured author Cristina Henríquez. Recently declared a luminary of fiction, she is the author of The Book of Unknown Americans, which was a New York Times Notable Book of 2014 and one of Amazon’s 10…

SaturdayMay 2019

Elizabeth Bihary is one of our newest volunteers. She has jumped right into building wonderful relationships with weE-Bots at the Detroit Public Library’s Redford branch. Although she’s not studying anything connected to education at Oakland University , she has an amazing knack for releasing our young authors from writer’s block….

WednesdayMay 2019

Greetings, friends! We are excited to let you know that May 2019 is our first-ever #826RobotRoundup month! This is our 2019 spring fund drive, and it is our goal to round up at least 826 donors to contribute. As you know, 826michigan’s free writing and tutoring programs benefit more than 3,200 students in Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, and…

FridayApril 2019

Unicorns! by Vivian Hillis, age 7 Ypsilanti International Elementary School I like you because in the morning, your horn sparkles and your hooves “click click.” O, Unicorn, I love you. You make me feel happy like the sun, the wind has my hair and you are so pretty. You look so cute…

TuesdayApril 2019

Genevieve Jones is a long-time roboteer, having started volunteering with 826michigan in Ann Arbor, she has continued to bring her passion for working with young people to our Detroit space this year. Her consistency and calm has been anchoring to our tutoring space at the Detroit Robot Factory. As we…

TuesdayMarch 2019

I Hike Up Mountains Audriana S. Age 7 Erickson Elementary, Ypsilanti Bio: I like to write about my life. My mom inspires me, working with people and writing. Junie B. Jones books are my favorite. Recess is my favorite time of school. My head is where I get my ideas….

TuesdayMarch 2019

Josi Ezinga was an essential and indefatigable part of a small team of volunteers that hosted two classes of Erickson Writers Club in the fall. She is a super-volunteer for five classes of Writers Club this winter—two at Erickson Elementary and three at Estabrook Elementary. That’s a lot of work!…

TuesdayFebruary 2019

The Jellyfish of Lake Aquawater Ms. Matthews Second-grade Class David Ellis Academy Once upon a time, in the depths of Lake Aquawater, on Planet #456, there is a secret underwater base that spans five layers below the surface from a nondescript balcony. Few are lucky enough to find this base….

FridayFebruary 2019

Tom Arata is a tutoring all-star! Such a bright and caring beacon in the after-school universe that we couldn’t believe he had not yet been named VOTM (or, as we thought more about it, VoTOM!). Tom has been tutoring with our program in Ypsilanti since mid-academic year 2018, when he…

MondayJanuary 2019

The Person Who Eats Under the Bed Damien A. Age 6 My favorite food is jambalaya with chicken and I eat it under my brother’s bed! I eat it with a fork. I eat the whole bowl. It is good. I went to get all the bowls in the kitchen…

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