Student Writing Gallery!

This year, we are publishing a featured piece of student writing every month on the 26th. Each piece will be accompanied by an original illustration.


Javone Becton

Age 9
University Prep, Ellen Thompson
Am I a bird with wings or a yeti with lots of fur?
Am I a cheetah who runs fast or a lion who roars a lot?
Am I a famous dancer?
I am Javone Becton, the one who was born to dance.
Dancing keeps me happy.
Dancing helps me experience things I don’t know.
It helps me have confidence. When people talk about me, I dance.
I want to inspire people to believe that entertaining is “another part of me.”
Yesterday at home Jmarion, my brother, hit me, then I cried for a little bit, then I danced.
Artwork by Ingrid Ankerson.

Living in the Motor City Hustle

Written by students from Western High School in Detroit at our Song-writing Field Trip in partnership with Third Man Records and Lafayette American

People only see what they want to see.
Blind to our struggle and prosperity.
Small people, big voices,
Right intentions, wrong choices.
Beauty in the chaos of Detroit.

Home of the hustlers . . .
We hold ourselves differently to what people expect,
Always subjected to what others project.
From butterflies to drive-bys,
Neighborhoods with violence
From playgrounds to gun sounds.
We’ll never know silence.

Living in the Motor City hustle
We can bring back Detroit
We can bring back Detroit
We can bring back Detroit

Living in the Motor City hustle
We can bring back Detroit
We can bring back Detroit
We can bring back Detroit

Artwork by Ingrid Ankerson.


by Vivian Hillis, age 7
Ypsilanti International Elementary School

I like you because in the morning, your horn sparkles and your hooves “click click.” O, Unicorn, I love you. You make me feel happy like the sun, the wind has my hair and you are so pretty. You look so cute and handsome and smart. Your mane and horn, that’s what I like. <3

Artwork by Ingrid Ankerson.

I Hike Up Mountains

Audriana S. Age 7
Erickson Elementary, Ypsilanti

I like to write about my life. My mom inspires me, working with people and writing. Junie B. Jones books are my favorite. Recess is my favorite time of school. My head is where I get my ideas.

I walk to the mountain. I hike up the mountain and see big, large rocks floating in space. Then I float around and I go look at stuff like the rocks. I see the yellow dark stars and the sky is dark like a galaxy with black. I throw my grappling hook onto the mountain, and I climb up. It’s kind of cold. On the floor I see blue shaded ground with little holes.

When I went up there, I just wanted to see the sky. I see stars in the sky. I am alone on the mountain, and I just look up at the sky and eat a PB&J sandwich. I also drink apple juice with it, but I only get to eat half of my sandwich when I see a huge rock crashing down from the big mountain.

A big rocket is trying to land on the mountain, which makes the mountain crumble down. No one comes out of the mountain so I make a fire with rocks. I put both of the rocks on the side of me in my sleeping bag and go to sleep.

When I wake up in the morning, I walk back home. I brought a helmet to space with me and I go home with a big rocket and it’s a galaxy rocket with little holes and that is how my mountain ends.

Artwork by Ingrid Ankerson.

The Jellyfish of Lake Aquawater

Ms. Matthews Second-grade Class

David Ellis Academy

Once upon a time, in the depths of Lake Aquawater, on Planet #456, there is a secret underwater base that spans five layers below the surface from a nondescript balcony. Few are lucky enough to find this base. Suspiciously, the sound of lasers and waves come from within.

There is a loud metal banging as jellyfish bounce around in the interior, having a party. They play on their phones and watch Jaws on TV, while it rains jellybeans from above. Another cooks bacon that sizzles to the sound of underwater robots, which adds an oily scent to the air already filled with the smell of seafood. Franky the superdog waits patiently for the bacon while some of the jellyfish flip skateboards or play on the computer. Other jellyfish swim in black and blue water, shooting each other with ice blasters.

FNCG, Sticky, and Super Flash are among the party goers. They suggest a thrilling game of freeze tag after their phones die. Sticky shoots glue from the tips of his fingers across the room and FNCG zooms in flight to dodge with her secret shadow ninja powers.

Sticky fires another shot as Super Flash leaps high over a glob of glue and it splats against the wall. His special costume protects him from a jet of water that a jellyfish spits from the pool. There is not a lot of room for freeze tag in this underwater base. Everyone flees from Sticky as he climbs up a wall, afraid that being touched by him will leave them frozen in a gooey glue forever.

“Can’t get me. Nah nah na nah nah,” laughs Super Flash as he dodges again and again.

“I can get you!” yells Sticky and shoots another round of glue from his fingers.

Franky, the dog, with a mouthful of bacon jumps into the room, pride in his eyes. FNCG tries to shield him from the stray blasts of glue but Franky is hit!

“BARK! BARK! BARK!” Franky drops his bacon and barks at the three heroes while he remains stuck to the floor.

Illustration by Ingrid

The Person Who Eats Under the Bed

Damien A.
Age 6

My favorite food is jambalaya with chicken and I eat it under my brother’s bed! I eat it with a fork. I eat the whole bowl. It is good. I went to get all the bowls in the kitchen and in the bathroom. I found thirty bowls in all. I filled all the bowls up. I brought them back under the bed again. I ate them all. When I was done I put all the bowls back.

Illustration by Ingrid

Ode to Writing

Written by the Community at the OMNIBUS X Release Celebration

Words are daily dishes, breakfast lunch and dinner
Make you feel like a winner
Words smell like dusty books pages, the inside of a pencil sharpener, and nasty baloney
Words are like popcorn
Some of them have butter and some of them don’t
Words are like gummy bears
chewy, hard, squishy, mushy, sweet, and sour
Writing smells like chocolate, fresh wood, coffee, fresh air, fresh ideas, paper, and delicious buttermilk
And that’s what makes it smell delicious
Our writing comes from memories, experiences, feelings, and our imaginations
Words can be a healing spell or a chain saw
Whether they are blustery or bulbous or supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
They can inspire people, help us organize our thoughts, express ourselves and create with a flourish
When I write I feel like I’m in another word fantasy world where words taste big, juicy, crispy, sweet and sour
And special like an awesome holiday
Writing is a line
A portal to a new world
When I write I imagine how big this will all grow
When you write about nature there is a plethora of smells—pinecones, apples, crunchy leaves, fresh air
I write when I am imagining something superb
Writing is another form of expression
Writing is like exploring the world
Writing rhyming words like hop and pop
Seeing words that make sense
When words are interesting they make you express your mind and feelings with imagination
Writing is calming like a symphony
Like reading or painting
Like exploring and wondering
I write to be heard; words are like bricks.

Illustration by Ingrid

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