For 8-10
Day Friday
Time 4:20-6:00pm
Session Jul 10
115 East Liberty Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

A Writeable Feast: Flavorful Food Writing

Taught By:
Mike White
Caitlin Koska
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Yum! Come join us for an afternoon of flavorful food writing at 826! For this workshop, we will be explorers of food texture, sound, smell, and flavor. We’ll also tap into our favorite food memories and think about food like writers, which involves careful observation and zesty word choice. By the end of this workshop, our readers won’t be able to stop themselves from drooling over the way we chose to describe mouthwatering details in odes, reviews, and love letters to favorite foods. Get ready to use all five senses this fun-diddly-scrumptious workshop.

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