For Ages 7-9
Day Saturday
Time 1:00-2:30pm
Session Apr 30
115 East Liberty Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

“Bot Buddies”—Art & Story Creating

Taught By:
Elaine Reed
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Most things are better when you share them—ideas, ice cream, jokes, imagination! And how great is it that writers share their characters with us through the books they write (and we read!)? In this workshop, we will create original robot characters called Bot Buddies to share with new readers. Our bots will be programmed randomly (i.e. we’ll draw character traits out of a hat!), so we’ll know some important information right away (is this bot hopeful? helpful? hilarious? loving? brave?). The rest will be up to us! What makes this particular bot unique? What details can we imagine about who they are, how they were designed, what kinds of things they like to do, what kind of motor oil they prefer? We’ll create two tiny copies of these bot creatures (using some crafting materials you might have around your house), and then we’ll write stories driven by our bot characters’ traits. Finally, each writer will send one of their bots and a copy of their story to an unknown reader, someone who might be cheered by a fresh, original, and thoughtful story and a Bot Buddy to go along with it. This workshop was inspired by the Bot Joy project.

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