For Ages 8-12+
Type Drop-In
Day Monday
Time 2:00-3:00pm
Session Jul 16
Whittaker Road YDL
5577 Whittaker Road
Ypsilanti Township, MI 48198

Creative Mode: Exploring New Worlds and Minecrafting Fiction Part II

Taught By:
Jessica Dailey
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Have you ventured into the world of Minecraft, traversed biomes, survived Creeper attacks, or, possibly, modified the game to include even more thrilling possibilities? Maybe you’ve wondered about Steve, about what he thinks as he builds a glass castle, soars above the ocean, or climbs tropical vines like ladders. Maybe you’ve thought about how the environments (jungle! forest! desert! ice plain!) around Steve affect his actions and abilities to get what he wants. Maybe you’re an expert at Minecraft, or maybe you’re a newbie, but we’re guessing either way, you’ve thought Hey! My adventures in Minecraft make an amazing story. Now is your chance to write that story down, and share in the stories that other Minecraft enthusiasts will write! In this workshop, we will explore new realms in this incredibly popular video game by writing about imagined experiences for our characters there. This is session is a follow-up to an earlier session in June, although all students are welcome to participate in this second session. 

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