For Ages: 6-12
Day Saturday
Time 12:30-1:30pm
Session May 21
115 East Liberty Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Dr. Blotch’s Super-efficient Shuffleable Poems

Taught By:
Charles Elliott
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ATTN: I have long sought a way to make poetry more practical. “Why,” I have long wondered, “would anyone waste their time toiling over a single, puny piece of writing that would only be read once and forgotten?” Where are the moving parts? Where is the efficiency? Where is the power? Thankfully, I have devised a brilliant solution: shuffleable poems! With newly discovered “shuffle” technology, one may create a single poem that can be randomized to create millions, if not thousands, of different combinations of words, lines, and stanzas. With a sufficiently large poem, we may never need to write a single line of verse again!

As practical and efficient as this new method of poetry manufacturing is, I unfortunately still require an initial investment in “poets.” My robot minions, incapable of “emotion” and “creativity,” will simply not do. All poets registered with the Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair Store MUST report to me by Saturday, May 21, or THEY WILL BE FIRED!


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