For Ages 11-14
Day Saturdays
Time 11:00-12:00pm
Session Jul 22-Jul 29
Detroit Robot Factory
1351 Winder St.
Detroit, MI 48207

I Think, Therefore I Ramble

Taught By:
Mariam Reda
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What’s your life story? To answer this you could start from the beginning and create a timeline, or you could ramble on and on to your heart’s desire! In this two-part workshop you’ll experience a free writing exercise that dives deep into what makes you unique. You’ll create a rambling autobiography that shows other people the parts of you that most don’t know, in a freestyle writing form! We’ll experiment with projecting your thoughts onto paper, where your favorite type of cheese is equally as important as the city you grew up in. Because your life isn’t just about the big moments – it’s about the small parts of you that help to create the main character in your own life story.

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Detroit Robot Factory
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