For Ages 6-12
Day Saturday
Time 1:00-3:00pm
Session Oct 1
115 East Liberty Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Offsetting Your Carbon Footprint

Taught By:
D’Real Graham
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Everyone’s carbon footprint is​ different, and we must remain mindful of our day-to-day ​activities​, especially activities that increase the emission of greenhouse gases. Together during this workshop we will calculate our ecological footprints, consider our ​day-to-day ​habits​ + personal choices​​, and draft a short piece of writing about how ​to address climate change. We’ll design a climate action plan and advocate for ways that everyday people can reduce ​their waste levels, water usage, and dependency on nonrenewable energy sources.

​Offsetting Your Carbon Footprint is a two​-hour ​workshop designed to engage students in the research and writing process, explore how the art of storytelling can make change in the world, and draft an original ​climate action plan​​​. We’ll also think about how other kinds of ​activities​ ​directly and indirectly pollute the atmosphere​—not just ​air pollution, but​ ground level pollution e.g.,​ ​the draining of rivers, reed destruction, and deforestation. We’ll explore creative ways to reduce carbon footprint (example: alternatives to driving), and​ help our neighbors​ think about​ their consumption and waste levels.​

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