For Ages 9 and up
Day Saturday
Time 2:00-4:00pm
Session Oct 31
115 East Liberty Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

The 826 Files: A Halloween Spooktacular

Taught By:
Charles Elliott
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We’ve recently uncovered something rather unnerving the basement here at 826michigan — a note from Dr. Blotch’s great-grandfather Blotch, concerning the supernatural:

October 31st, 1895

My dearest robot creations,

There are some things I can only confide to you. Foremost, I can only trust you with my particular knowledge of certain unspeakable horrors of which I could tell no living man. For years I have kept my fascination with the unexplainable, esoteric, mysterious, and magical to myself. I have amassed a large collection of eldritch artifacts and unexplained accounts of supernatural portent, which I keep hidden in a secret chamber beneath the Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair. I will never in my days speak of it to another living human, not even my heir. The pure suggestive power of these documents is such that anyone would surely go mad from terror, if not worse: become horror writers that would go on to send chills down the spines of untold generations!

Naturally, we want to put this theory to the test! Join us for a festive Halloween afternoon during which we uncover the contents of Caldwell Blotch’s mysterious 826 files and use those findings to tell our own shocking stories. Come in costume and we’ll practice writing suspense stories with spooky stations, clever clues, and a tasty treat or two.

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