For Ages 10-13
Day Saturday
Time 1:00-3:00pm
Session Feb 15
115 East Liberty Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Tinfoil Shipbuilding

Taught By:
Jim Ottaviani
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Join the scientists in our lab for this series of science, math, and writing workshops, full of experiments and imagination, two important components of any scientific and literary pursuit.

There’s something about ships that captures the imagination. After all, we do call spaceships “spaceships,” and not spaceplanes or spacetrains. We ship things from one place to another. And we name ships — the Pequod, the Titanic, the Argo, the USS Arizona, Jenny . . .

In this workshop, students engage and exercise their imaginations by building ships with accessible materials. Along the way, we’ll learn about density, a key principle in physics and chemistry and beyond, and the center of one of science’s all-time-great ah-ha moments (actually, literally the first Eureka moment). And using this new insight, we’ll write tales of adventure and exploration on ships!

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