For Ages 12+
Day Mon. - Tues.
Time 1:00-2:30pm
Session Aug 7-Aug 8
Detroit Robot Factory
1351 Winder St.
Detroit, MI 48207

Using the Impossible to Envision A Future All Our Own

Taught By:
Sydney Morgan-Green
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When people think of science fiction they usually think of space, robots, and men in bow ties fighting robots in space. But no one ever looks deeper into science fiction to examine what it’s really about. Change. Social, political, even individual. Science fiction writers envisions the change they wish to see through impossible means. This workshop will explore science fiction and students’ own desire for change. Using short science fiction stories as a blueprint, we will identify how through “impossible” means change can be made. Students will create their own science fiction short stories that examine the change they want to see and the impossible means by which they will make it happen.

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