For Ages: 8-10
Day Tuesday
Time 6:00-7:30pm
Session Jul 28
115 East Liberty Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Wishing for S’More Summer: Camp 826michigan

Taught By:
Megan Gilson
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Welcome to Camp 826michigan! Just can’t get enough of the long summer days filled with crackling campfires, silly stories, and slightly burnt marshmallows (despite your best efforts)? We love it too, so much that we’re going to try it indoors, using our imaginations of course! We’ll read a story around the campfire, review the parts of a good story and focus on how we can include vivid sensory details that bring our characters and stories to life. Then, we’ll pitch our tents (forts) and put our storytelling minds to work, writing our own campfire stories that we can share with our family and friends. We’ll practice our skills as oral storytellers (campfire stories are told out loud, after all) as we take turns sharing around the campfire. Pack your sunscreen and join us for an evening of summer camp fun!


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