For Ages 13-18
Day Saturday
Time 3:30-5:00pm
Session Feb 27-Mar 5*
115 East Liberty Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48104
*2 Sat. Sessions: 2/27 & 3/5

Youth Activism 101

Taught By:
Anthony Morgan
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Young people all around the world are advocating for social justice and safe schools. Youth-led social justice movements not only affect change in the classroom; the influence of young people can be noted in zines, documentaries, school board meeting rooms, and in municipal buildings all around the world.

Youth Activism 101 will include dialogue about the importance of youth activism and youth leadership, manifesto writing, and offer students an opportunity to reflect on, and address, the social climate at their own schools. Let’s explore contemporary youth-led community social justice organizing movements and use current examples as story ideas to create a manifesto!

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