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WednesdayJune 2018

Is there anything more glorious than a Michigan summer? The glittering Great Lakes, the beaches of Belle Isle, the pine trees Up North. The smells of sunscreen and grilled hot dogs and fresh ink on the newly-bound pages of 826michigan’s latest publications. Yes, summer vacation is upon us, and we’re celebrating a year of fearlessly brainstorming, furiously writing, and thoughtfully revising with new student publications. For our students, it’s an ecstatic experience seeing their names, their images, their ideas typeset and bound by professional printers. In our last session of Erickson Writer’s Club, Dante leapt from his seat and sang all the way down the hall, “I’m going to be in a book!” We couldn’t provide this experience without our publisher, Thomson-Shore.

Thomson-Shore’s motto is, “Helping you put your best book forward,” and we can certainly attest to this. For years Thomson-Shore has honored our students by printing their work in high-quality publications. Each 826michigan title is the result of many hours of hard work, as our students write in their classrooms and in our workshops. Our staff and volunteers are with them in every stage of their literary journey, challenging them to do their best and cheering them on. It’s a privilege working alongside these young wordsmiths, and we’re grateful to Thomson-Shore for celebrating their work and amplifying their voices. We’re also grateful for the many other ways Thomson-Shore has immersed our students in the world of professional printing over the years, with events like Booktoberfest and field trips to their Dexter printing plant for a hands-on experience in the creation of books.

June 5th, we’re launching the latest title in our Young Authors Book Project series, In the Clouds Over Ypsilanti. Written by sixth graders at Estabrook Elementary, this book blends short stories set in Ypsilanti, where heroes of the masked and caped variety stop foes with ballet moves and real-life heroes like Alex Fuller encourage literacy with the Read to a Barber initiative at his Fuller Cut barbershop.

So this summer, stop in the Detroit Robot Factory or the Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair and pick up one of the beautiful new releases lining the shelves. Spread out your beach towel. Get a big bowl of Michigan cherries or the biggest watermelon you can find. Have a friend help you get sunscreen between your shoulders. Crack open an 826michigan publication, bound by the good people of Thomson-Shore, and enjoy the fearless work of our writers.


MondayMay 2018

Now that spring has sprung in Detroit, at After-School Tutoring we’ve been putting down the baby carrots and pencils and venturing out into Eastern Market. The Robot Factory is surrounded by murals, and these works of art are perfect for mid-homework inspiration. Recently we went around the corner to the…

WednesdayApril 2018

At 826michigan, reading and writing are at the heart of everything we do. When you stop by the Detroit Robot Factory this spring, you’ll find our front doors have been transformed into a gallery of art work and words celebrating this very idea. In this project, our After-School Tutoring students…

FridayMarch 2018

The snow has melted (well, it did for a day or two), spring is on its way, but its always After-School Tutoring season at 826michigan! Monday through Thursday in Detroit, Ann Arbor, and Ypsilanti, students shrug off their jackets, say hey to their tutor, grab some string cheese, and crack…

ThursdayFebruary 2018

General operating support.  Friends, those are three words that make nonprofits weep tears of joy. The Fred A. and Barbara M. Erb Family Foundation has gifted 826michigan with such resources, and we assure you–—it makes so much of the magic in our spaces happen. For instance, unrestricted gifts—–the awesome definition of general operating…

TuesdayJanuary 2018

(Photographer: Dianna Berggren) Mittenfest XII has grown a lot over twelve years, as has the clout behind many of the performers that have performed. However, without someone to make sure we can hear the bands, the whole festival is for naught. Enter Dave Menzo and Menzo Media. Dave has been supporting…

FridayDecember 2017

Tis the season to celebrate terrific student writing! To that end, we once again have reason to appreciate the generosity of the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs that makes it possible for us to reach thousands of students across Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, and Detroit with creative writing programs…

WednesdayNovember 2017

The start of this school year is unique in that we get to celebrate the fall launch of after-school tutoring TWO TIMES. In late September, we delighted at the start of Liberty Street Tutoring. This November, we are glad for a second launch period to welcome students back to Washington…

SundayOctober 2017

  We love fall at 826michigan. It means seriously delicious apples and cider, amazing sweater weather, and a fresh school year to welcome so many students into our writing lab for field trips! This October, we recognize The Peck Foundation for its tremendous support in expanding our Field Trips program…

FridaySeptember 2017

  The Born and Raised Detroit Foundation is a marvelous group of native Detroiters who, living locally but also in other US cities and abroad, have remained committed to supporting initiatives that contribute to building a stronger community and positive way of life throughout Detroit. Their idea to begin a foundation…

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