Volunteer of the Month

Care to meet the elite team of supervolunteers whom we’ve honored over the years?

WednesdayApril 2017

our asl partners are eastern michigan university and the university of michigan

There’s so much to love about the communities where we run our programs, and one of our favorite things is the partnerships we build with the academic institutions in these cities. This month we’re excited to celebrate the Academic Service Learning (ASL) students of Eastern Michigan University and the University of Michigan as our Volunteers of the Month! These fantastic volunteers are the students of Professors T Hetzel, Laura George, and Iman Grewal, and they have brought great dedication and energy to our winter and spring programs!

University of Michigan block M logoU-M Digital Media for Nonprofits student, Danielle Meyerson, is helping to develop a podcast featuring 826michigan student writing. Her thoughtful questions and script revisions have brought this long-anticipated project to life! Danielle’s classmate, Justin Resseguie, is working with our Retail Manager to incorporate RaspberryPi and other open source technology into the Detroit Robot Factory store space. The amazing students from this class are also helping to redesign OnwardRobots.com and establish a social media strategy for the robot shops! We’re so grateful that they’ve chosen to apply the research from their coursework to helping 826michigan.

Eastern Michigan logo - block EStudents from EMU’s Literature Senior Seminar have regularly volunteered for tutoring and field trips. They have a contagious enthusiasm for reading and writing, which sets a great example for 826michigan students! These volunteers are reaching the end of their undergraduate journeys, and we’re humbled that they’ve prioritized volunteering with 826michigan during this busy, transitional time.

EMU’s Human Development and Learning studentsThe members of EMU’s Human Development and Learning class have each committed 20 hours to 826michigan’s programs. Their presence has been especially felt and appreciated at our Ypsilanti-based Washington St. Tutoring, In-school Projects, and Family Writing Labs. These future teachers are digging into big questions about how to best serve students — honoring diverse populations and learning styles, coaching young authors without being overly prescriptive, and listening to understand rather than simply to respond. Their devoted and innovative professor, Iman, has done so much to further the cause of Academic Service Learning at EMU, that she was recently honored with the Dale Rice Award for Academic Innovation in Community Based Learning/AS-L and Community Engagement! We’re indebted to the work of Iman and her students, and are excited to see this partnership continue in future semesters.

All of our ASL partners and volunteers bring a unique perspective informed by their studies. We love seeing how their blend of experiences and expertise inspire and motivate our students. Here’s to you, ASL student volunteers! Thank you for sharing your love of learning with 826michigan!

ThursdayMarch 2017

In the organized chaos and logistical back-flips of a field trip, one of the most frantic aspects is the actual putting together of books written by the class. Checking of page order, orientation, not messing up the binding strip, unjamming the binding machine. But most importantly, letting students see the…

FridayFebruary 2017

When we think about what Rachel and Brad are able to do each week in our programs, with their powers combined, we simply couldn’t imagine splitting them apart — they are an incredible force for good in Washtenaw County and we couldn’t do what we do without them.

FridayJanuary 2017

A Jill of all trades with a degree in Psychology from Ohio State University, Ani has jumped into our first semester of programming from the Detroit Robot Factory with outstretched arms and legs, like those slow-motion videos of frogs jumping from tree limb to tree limb. She has worked with students at our Wee-Bots Writing Club at the Redford Library, Boggs School After-School Writing Club, and several field trips at the Detroit Robot Factory (wearing her hard hat of course).

ThursdayDecember 2016

If there was ever someone who embodied the concept of “whistle while you work” it is our December 2016 Volunteer of the Month Eric Anderson. Eric is a robotier, (the esteemed title reserved for our store volunteers), during the Friday evening shift at Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair. Not…

TuesdayNovember 2016

Every literary organization and periodical has a style guide that they use to make grammar and editorial decisions. For instance, here at 826michigan, our style guide is the Chicago Manual of Style, which we all feel very loyal to. However, for this month, we are going to temporarily declare our…

SaturdayOctober 2016

Do you ever have an enormous, looming project in front of you, the kind you can’t even believe you dreamed up, much less have plunged into? At moments, that’s what it’s felt like to be shepherding forward 826michigan’s plan to open our Detroit center. The plan was big. The plan…

ThursdaySeptember 2016

Sometimes 826michigan feels like a magical place and it is tempting to chalk the amazing transformations that happen here up to an intangible, indefinable “magic.” The truth is that we DO know what makes magic real at 826michigan, and that is human connection (no offense, bots). This connection is made…

MondayAugust 2016

Imagine a person with superhuman skills in an astounding array of fields, a person with an enormous heart, an ever-attuned and immensely strategic brain, and a deep well of generosity. What if this extraordinary human was a parent of two intelligent and hard-working 826michigan students? And what if she chose…

FridayJuly 2016

A short detour here to set the stage for our July 2016 Volunteer of the Month, Cintia Huitzil, 826michigan MSW intern and Ph.D. candidate at the UM School of Social Work: Every year the 826 chapters from around the country get together for a staff development conference. As part of…

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