Just the Facts: April's Volunteer of the Month is Matt Lauer!

April 1, 2014 | Volunteer of the Month

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Just the Facts: April’s Volunteer of the Month is Matt Lauer!

We hear our new Volunteer of the Month, Matt Lauer, likes facts. So we thought we’d give you a few facts about Matt Lauer.

FACT: Matt Lauer has been a major player in the success of the first year of our Washington Street Tutoring Lab at Ypsilanti’s beezy’s cafe. As a twice-a-week tutor, Matt is a math guru and unflappable worker-with-students — often effortlessly helping several at once. Matt’s reliability and talent as a tutor has served as an anchor for that program in these first important months of its existence.

FACT: Matt Lauer is a Robotier extraordinaire who holds down our Saturday morning shift at Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair. (A lively shift for the robots of downtown Ann Arbor!) Matt has an admirable commitment to the robot side of what we do at 826michigan, probably due in part to his day job as an electrical engineer. He is also one of the few Robotiers in our current corps who wears a lab coat during his shift, which we think is a stylish touch.

FACT: Matt Lauer has what we could colloquially call “mad hustle”. As a participant in both of our recent peer-to-peer fundraisers, this fall’s The Great Write-Off and our recent Trivia for Cheaters, Matt put in admirable effort to raise money for 826michigan’s programs (the very programs, you will recall, in which he serves so steadfastly!). It touches our robot hearts to see a volunteer with such enthusiasm for helping 826michigan in such a wide variety of ways.

FACT: Matt Lauer (our Matt Lauer) is not on The Today Show. But we would definitely watch if he were!

Matt Lauer! Thank you so much for lending us your many skills and talents. With you around, 826michigan is a better place!

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