We are committed to making sure that our students have an outlet for the wonderful material they produce. To this end, we help them publish and distribute their work, be it in their own zine, in a specially produced book, or in another format. Additionally, we publish two professionally bound books each year – the 826michigan OMNIBUS, our annual student journal, and an in-school publication tied to one of our In-school Residencies – and a number of smaller chapbooks, zines, catalogs, and more. Most of our publications are available for sale in our stores, the Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair and Detroit Robot Factory or at


We believe that having one’s work published is a transformative experience. By publishing student writing, 826michigan ensures that students build confidence in their skills and have a unique outlet for expression. We publish dozens of chapbooks and two major, professionally-bound books per year: one as the result of an in-school residency and one volume of the annual OMNIBUS, an anthology of the best of the best student writing from the year prior. All of our publications are designed with the utmost care and attention to style and detail, because we want students to know how seriously we take their writing.



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