Liberty Street Tutoring in Ann Arbor

Monday through Thursday, 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm.

826michigan Liberty Street Tutoring 2016-17 School Year Dates

Monday, September 26 –  Thursday, December 8, 2016

Monday, January 17 – Thursday, June 1, 2017

For weather cancelations and holidays, please watch our website and note that our programs are canceled when Ann Arbor Public Schools are closed.

What is 826michigan’s free drop-in tutoring program?
826michigan is proud to offer a completely free tutoring program for students between 8 and 18 years old. “Drop-in” means that students may arrive at any time while the program is running and receive homework help from one of our tutors. Students are not required to pre-register. Like all 826michigan programs, it is free to participate.

Where does tutoring take place?
826michigan offers tutoring in our writing lab, located directly behind the Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair Store. Our address is 115 E. Liberty Street, between Fourth Avenue and Main Street in Ann Arbor. Parking is available at multiple surrounding meters, structures, and surface lots. Once a student is registered and parents or guardians have met with our tutoring staff, parents need not park and come in for drop-off and pick-up of students who have permission to sign-in independently.

When does tutoring take place?
Tutoring runs during the school year, Monday through Thursday, from 3:30 to 5:30pm. When Ann Arbor Public Schools close for any reason, either a planned break or weather-related closure, 826michigan programs are also closed. There is no summertime tutoring program. News about tutoring cancellations due to weather or special events is available on our website,

Do you tutor students in subjects other than creative writing?
Yes! We provide homework help and academic support in any subject area, from beginning spelling words to earth science to foreign languages to advanced physics.

Who are your tutors?
826michigan tutors are trained volunteers who are passionate about providing the one-on-one guidance that we believe facilitates great leaps in learning and academic success. Our tutors range from undergraduate students to published creative writers to post-doctoral researchers to professionals from every field.

Who are your students?
Any student meeting our age requirement is eligible to participate in drop-in tutoring. It is not necessary to be enrolled in the Ann Arbor or Ypsilanti public schools.

What can I expect the first time my student comes to tutoring?
On your first day of tutoring, you will walk through the Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair to get to our writing lab. At the entrance to the lab, you will be greeted by our staff and interns, who will help your student sign in and match them with a tutor. You will receive a welcome folder that includes a list of expectations for student behavior, a tutoring schedule, and some light paperwork for a parent or guardian to fill out (this only happens the first time you attend tutoring), including a list of emergency contacts and a publication consent form. Our tutoring intern or a staff member will explain this paperwork and 826michigan’s policies to you and your student. Between 4:15-4:30pm each day, we offer a healthy snack and take 10 minutes to write together on the creative writing exercise of the day. Once students sign in, parents or guardians are free to leave as long as students have transportation home at 5:30pm. If you choose to stay during tutoring, there is limited seating available on our chairs and sofas at the back of the writing lab.

What should my student bring to tutoring?
Students are asked to bring homework, practice sheets, writing projects, or workbooks to tutoring. Our large library of reading materials is also always open to our students. We are sometimes able to extend general support to students; however, we reserve the right to turn away anyone who does not arrive with homework if resources are tight.

Do you offer tutoring help anywhere besides Ann Arbor?
Yes! 826michigan also offers a drop-in tutoring program at beezy’s cafe, 20 N. Washington Street in downtown Ypsilanti. This tutoring program runs every Monday through Thursday between 6 and 8pm and is currently open to any student aged 8 to 18. In January of 2017, we will host after-school tutoring in our new writing lab in the Eastern Market neighborhood of Detroit.

Are you looking for adult volunteer tutors?
Yes! If you are interested in volunteering with 826michigan in any capacity, please fill out a volunteer application online. We will contact you about our next volunteer orientation and tutor training.

Who can I contact with more questions about 826michigan tutoring?
Please contact Catherine Calabro, 826michigan’s Education Director, with questions about Tutoring at 826michigan: or 734-761-3463.

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