Publishing Opportunities — How 826michigan Amplifies the Voices of Young People

Students in 826michigan’s programs regularly publish their work in zines, books, ebooks, chapbooks, live theatrical performances, podcasts, videos, posters, and more. 

Publication opportunities through 826michigan are available to students who participate in our programs. More opportunities are frequently available to all students across the country and beyond through 826 National.

Featured Publications

The Book of Many Wisdoms

Adventure and Advice From Ms. Islam’s third-grade class

Atomic!: Earth’s Final Fight with and against the Strange

A collection of sci-fi stories from fifth-grade writers.

Taco Bell Mountain Island

A choice-filled adventure story from Ms. Solar’s fifth-grade class.

Why We Publish

Having your creative work published is a transformative experience. By publishing student writing, 826michigan provides an opportunity for students to solidify their identities as writers, to build confidence in their skills, to share their unique voices, and to have an outlet for self expression that will be read by an authentic audience.

“[Being] A published author feels amazing but [it’s] hard work at the same time too. When I saw the book for the first time I had an indoor squeal for the first time in my life–it was awesome! I learned that I can do anything.”

Nathan C.
Sixth-grade 826michigan student

How We Publish

Over the course of a single year, 826michigan works inside of schools and community spaces to lead students through their own writing processes. Our publishing projects culminate in a book or other final product that students can share with a wide audience and celebrate with their families and loved ones. Every publishing project includes time and creative energy dedicated to the following steps in the publication process: 


Reading, Talking, and Ideas

We work with students to consider what they want to say in their writing, who they want to say it to, and how they want to say it. From the first brainstorming sessions with volunteers, students think about the genre, audience, and purpose of their words. We take students through a variety of exercises (such as reading other books, writing independently, talking with volunteers, drawing, or collaborating with peers) that help activate imaginations and support everyone’s unique perspectives.

STAGE 2 – Revisions & Editing

During revisions, we have thoughtful conversations with each other about our work, our intentions, and the impact our words have on an audience. We consider the structure, ideas, stance, and word choice we use in each piece. We read and re-read, often aloud to each other!

Next comes editing: we work together to make sure that spelling, punctuation, and grammar have the impact that we want them to have on our readers. Students frequently have the chance to serve on youth editorial boards, where they read their peers’ work, select pieces of writing for publication, and make decisions about the layout and design of the book.



We partner with professional editors, illustrators, and designers to give students greater insight into the world of professional publishing, and to demonstrate to students the high value of their words.

STAGE 4 – Publication

Our student books are publicized through our storefront and website, community events, libraries, schools, local booksellers, and the local media. Our young authors are given free copies of their publications and are encouraged to read to their family and peers. Students see their words in the hands of community members and know that their stories have reached new readers near and far, taking on a new life beyond themselves.



We release all of our new student publications with a celebratory book launch. Whether in-person or virtual, we plan a party at which we unveil the new book, students have the chance to read excerpts of their pieces, autograph copies of the book, and be cheered by their community.

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