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Sent to your home or email, these free writing kits include story starters, activities, and craft supplies. Each kit comes with a theme, from oral storytelling to who-done-it mysteries, which serve as a starting block for creativity.

Kits prompt students and families to use writing to solve problems, imagine new worlds, or create something new for an audience of readers. 

Download kits to print at home, or register for one or more to be sent to your home, school, or community organization in the mail! 

About Free Writing Kits


Students ages 6-18


Year-round, mailed monthly

Register: Anytime



We can send it to your home, or email you files to print.

If you would like to order hardcopies of our writing kits to be mailed to your home, please register here!
Note: we are limiting deliveries to 10 per family per semester and 1-class set per educator per semester. Downloads are unlimited.

What To Expect

Your family can choose from a variety of free Writing Kits that will be mailed or emailed directly to you! Use the kits to jumpstart stories, interviews, or other kinds of writing and imagining together.

Sample Writing Kit Options

Just a selection of the 10+ kits available for download

Creating for the Community

Through activities designed to be displayed on the front door or windows of a family’s residence, this kit provides an opportunity for writers to think about an audience and how a writer’s words could make a difference in the lives of people around them.

Strange Mysteries!

Students take a turn as detectives with this extended project, using their creativity and their writing to solve a mystery. They investigate a package of evidence included in the kit (lists, letters, images, and maybe a diary page!) to make a case come to life.

Writing as a Gift

This kit prompts families with creative ways to turn their writing into gifts to share with people they love. Writers can see how valuable their own words are and consider who would enjoy reading them!

College Application Essay

In this kit, writers embark on an exciting journey to draft a college application essay. Writers are guided through numerous brainstorming activities, writing tips and sample essays as well as mental health and relaxation breaks. Our goal is to make the college application essay writing process as approachable and comfortable as possible! Kits include information about how writers can receive feedback from trained tutors, too!

The timing was miraculous—just as I was running out of activities, creativity and patience, an email about the writing challenge arrived in my inbox and OMG (really, I was at a loss for words)…my son sat down and wrote three paragraphs! . . .

Parent of 826michigan student

The Impact

826michigan started Write Now Writing Kits amid the COVID-19 pandemic to provide an alternative to online programing. They offer students creative independence and rest from a sometimes exhausting online learning environment. Kits are engaging and fun without the energy and internet requirements of a video call. 


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