Refer a Student to 826michigan!

Whether a student needs after-school homework support or a creative environment to grow their love of writing, 826michigan is here to help! 

We provide homework support to students from ages 8-18, as well as a variety of writing kits and drop-in writing opportunities. This page will help you refer students to those programs 

Talking to Parents About 826michigan Programs

826michigan is here to assist educators in getting students the individualized support they need! Here are some ways to start a conversation with parents about 826michigan:

Be Proactive!

Make information about 826michigan tutoring services available from the beginning. If you have a welcome packet for parents, consider including information about 826michigan’s homework support there. Include the flier below!

Let Parents Know You’re On Their Side!

You and the parents are both invested in their student’s success. Be clear and specific about the reasons you feel working with 826michigan will benefit their student.

Focus On The Positive

Avoid phrases like “falling behind” or “failing.” Instead, we ask for your partnership in using growth-based language with families. For example: “I’d like to help your student become more comfortable with writing!” or “I think your student would benefit from individualized attention!”

Frequently Asked Questions

Does 826michigan tutor for subjects beyond reading and writing? 

Yes! Our traditional after-school tutoring program (called Schoolwork Support) provides an opportunity for students to collaborate with trained volunteer tutors on ANY homework or school project. 

Students must bring their own assignments to do (homework, essays, test prep, studying materials, school projects) with their tutors. If time permits and school assignments are complete, students and tutors can always read and write together.

Does 826michigan work with students who have specialized learning needs?

Yes! When your family completes our registration process, you’ll have the chance to share information with us about your student’s specific needs. We will ask you and your student about support strategies that work best (with your permission, we’ll also ask your student’s teacher).

Our volunteers come from a variety of educational backgrounds: many volunteers are not trained educators, but we are often able to match students with a volunteer who can meet their needs. We also have specialists (reading coaches, social workers, and special education teachers, for example) in our networks who we can call on for ideas and training. All volunteers are trained to work with students from a place of respect, encouragement, and courage. They are also trained to focus on students’ strengths, efforts, and successful use of strategies to solve problems.

Does 826michigan work with students who are emerging bilinguals, or for whom English is a second or third language? 

Yes! Not all volunteers come from a background as educators, nor do they necessarily have specific ELL or ESL training. However, we will ask you about your student’s specific needs during program registration and, with notice, we are often able to match students and/or volunteers with specialists to get specific strategies to try together.

We have a wide network of volunteers who speak multiple languages and can sometimes provide translation of materials, too. We can work with you, your student, and your students’ teacher to create a support plan that works well for everyone.

Have a question or concern not addressed above?
Reach out to us to discuss your student’s needs and we’ll be happy to help guide you! 

826michigan Programs

If you think 826michigan programs are a good fit for you and your student, learn more about our offerings and register for free! 

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