A Grand Design: July's Volunteer of the Month is Nick Mitchell!

July 1, 2013 | 826 Blog Post

nick mitchell


As you’ll see throughout this month of July (also known as the Month of the Designer ’round these parts), 826michigan basically could not function without the many talented people who have donated their design skills to us over the years.

Nick Mitchell is just such a talented person. Nick came to us by way of fellow super-volunteer Elissa Zimmer (VotM June ’12, and still going strong!) and since that time has supplied us with several gorgeous posters for various events (some of which we have sampled above).

We’ve thought about it, and one of the things that makes designers like Nick so impressive to us is their ability to translate multiple thoughts, ideas, concepts, and inspirations into one single image. As a crew of writers, readers, and generally verbal people, we respect communication. And good design IS communication.

Nick, like all our designer friends, is also easy-going and fun to work with. We have thrown all manner of things at Nick (it’s got to have this information on it, we want it to look like a retro game-show logo, and oh can you do it in ten days?), and Nick not only CATCHES these things, he throws them back to us in a form we love.

Designers like Nick Mitchell help 826michigan represent ourselves in the best possible way to the general public, and for that reason, their help is invaluable to us. Thank you so very much, Nick! We are a better-designed place with you around.

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