Why We Write

At 826michigan, our free programs focus on writing because equal access to quality writing education is the best way to give students the tools they need to understand themselves, authentically connect with one another, and access the power within themselves to build a better world.

It feels awesome, amazing, great! People know that we’re not just kids — we’re smart and we know how to write a story.”

Young Author’s Book Project student on how it feels to be a published author

Discovery and Engagement

By pushing the limits of their imagination through writing, 826michigan students open their minds, learn more eagerly, and create more opportunities for themselves.

Impact Fact: 70 percent of teachers report that an 826michigan Field Trip gave their students a new excitement for writing.

Connection to the world and each other

Students in 826michigan programs belong to a community of fellow writers and adults where relationships promote creativity, trust, and shared success.

Impact Fact: 87 percent of parents agreed that their student felt more confident about completing their homework and were getting better grades with the help of 826michigan.

Power to Build a Better World

Students in 826michigan programs build confidence through a safe atmosphere, where writers are able to experiment and feel supported to express their ideas in their own voices.

Impact Fact: 826michigan’s programs help students persevere and believe in their ability to achieve their goals.


We believe that every writer should have equal and open access to:

A safe atmosphere to express their ideas in their own voice;

A culture of support that recognizes individual learning styles and processes;

An immersive instructional environment that explores multiple perspectives, forms and genres;

A community of writers where relationships promote creativity, trust, and engagement.

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