Summer Programs at 826michigan

Free summer programs at 826michigan are a great way to keep students engaged with creative thought and encourage discovery and growth all summer long!

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Examples of Past Summer Workshops

Spine-chilling Legends of the Weird and Wonderful

How can writers create a scary story that makes their readers feel excited, but not terrified? What can campfire stories teach us about creating scary stories for young people? In this workshop, students will explore scary stories in an age-appropriate way, creating new tales that excite readers with suspense, magical details, and unusual adventures. Students will listen to campfire stories, studying what details writers use (and don’t use) to create scary stories for a youth audience. Students will write their own spooky stories and share them around a pretend “campfire.” Registration required at

Follow Us: A Guide to Becoming a YouTube Sensation

In this workshop on making a how-to video, students will practice writing for YouTube. They will draft scripts and storyboards for a how-to video, focusing on a subject they know and love (serious or silly). Using examples from content creators, they will have a chance to take their writing home and make their own video so they can share their expertise with the whole world. Registration required at

Out of This Ordinary World: New Heroes Needed!

In this workshop, students will create their own superhero stories, combining inspiration from the superhero genre with their own unique ideas to create a brand-new, unique character. What if our new superhero was a flying superhero with ice and slime powers who saved the citizens from the dangers of melted ice cream? Students will be encouraged to think outside of the box to craft characters that fit the superhero genre but have powers that no one has ever seen before. After creating their characters, students will create a vision for one “episode” for their superhero, following the hero’s journey story template to plan out an adventure for their new hero. Registration required at

Critical Hit: Fantasy Stories by Chance and Design

The exciting world of TableTop Role Playing Games meets the world of writing! At this program geared toward tweens and teens, participating writers will use the game techniques like those found in Dungeons and Dragons to create settings, characters, and plot to craft short fantasy stories. Registration requested at, although drop-in spots are available!

*YDL will stay open (with pizza!) from 6-8pm on July 28 for students to play Dungeons and Dragons with their new characters!*

Beyond the Boundaries of Space/Time: Imagining the Future(s)

In this workshop, students will explore the connections between science, technology, and writing. Participants will imagine new worlds through hands-on STEM activities and use writing to create a speculative story about the future. Registration requested at, although drop-in spots are available!

Family V.I.P.S: Stories of Us, Together

In conjunction with Ypsilanti District Library’s Reading Buddies program, we will be holding a family writing workshop where young writers and their parents/guardians can create a story together! During this program, families will create their own picture book that they will take home and be able to read together as a family. Please register for this program at, although drop-in spots are available!

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