Alexis Nowicki, Copy Editor of All

November 1, 2016 | 826 Blog Post

Alexis Nowicki

Every literary organization and periodical has a style guide that they use to make grammar and editorial decisions. For instance, here at 826michigan, our style guide is the Chicago Manual of Style, which we all feel very loyal to. However, for this month, we are going to temporarily declare our November 2016 Volunteer of the Month, Alexis Nowicki, as our Style Guide.

Alexis has earned this so-prestigious-we-didn’t-know-it-was-possible title in many regards. Not only is she the copy chief of the Michigan Daily (basically our very own Rory Gilmore), she has been setting a high style bar for our student publications for over a year now. As our first-ever editorial intern in Fall 2015, Alexis not only supported the project management of many of our publications, but no writing went to press without passing by her keen eye and red pen.

Even after her internship ended, Alexis has continued to copyedit endless student writing for us. As we celebrate the release of our OMNIBUS VIII this month, we owe so much to Alexis who thoroughly edited the entire publication at THREE different stages. She caught so many typos, errors, and booboos (including places where we had misspelled student names, truly the most gut-wrenching of any mistake we can make) that we fear what the book would have looked like without her. Alexis knows how to make grammar fun—–we recommend talking with her if you get the chance. It is exceedingly enjoyable to discuss current grammar controversies (i.e. they as a singular pronoun) and long-standing feuds (i.e. the Oxford comma) with our Style Guide.

12360266_10206629330870039_7643880726627314224_nAlexis is our Style Guide in another way as well. She impresses us continually with her smart glasses, quirky cool style, and occasional costumes. Whether she is rocking a sweater in a laser-themed background while holding a cat, or dressed as Marty McFly, as she was last Halloween, we basically always just want to give her a hug and a trophy.

Beyond her continual style guidance, Alexis also holds down a regular shift at Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair, always standing ready behind the counter to warmly welcome customers and to take on odd jobs when we have them. She has been a regular in-school volunteer and formerly served as our workshops intern as well. What can our Style Guide NOT do? We have yet to find out.

Alexis, thank you for guiding us through the rocky waters of grammar and the elements of style, and for all the cheerfulness and delight you bring to 826michigan regularly.
**Plesae excuse any above errors above—–because it was a surprise, we couldn’t ask Alexis to proofread her own surprise Volunteer of the Month profile.**

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