April Student Writing Gallery!

April 26, 2014 | 826 Blog Post

This year, we’ll be posting 8 new, exciting pieces of student writing on the 26th of the month (Get it?). Each month will be curated by our staff. Our aim is to give you an entertaining and fair sampling from our many programs.

Welcome to our April Student Writing Gallery!

APRIL 2014!

* Field Trips *

From Ms. Dorsey’s first-grade class at Thurston Elementary, Ann Arbor
“Bedtime Story”

Once upon a time, there was an athletically talented Tyrannasaurus Rex named Ted-Rex. His friend Miss Sarah the elephant was at the Department Store on Pluto with him. They stopped at the store to get snacks and gear for the Skeleton competition in the Winter 2008 Olympics.

“Why don’t we get this sled?” asked Ted-Rex, holding up a sled in the shape of a dinosaur.

“No, we need a different sled,” said Miss Sarah. She brought an elephant-shaped sled to Ted-Rex instead.

BOOM! BOOM! Suddenly the doors of the department store flew open. Standing there was Dr. Flame, his eyes and beard glowing red and blue with fire.

“Get out of my way!” screamed Dr. Flame. This scared Ted-Rex, who ran away. “Prepare for me to melt everything!” Dr. Flame continued.

“How dare you say that to me!” replied Miss Sarah.

Ted-Rex was hiding in the corner as Dr. Flame was shooting fire at every piece of ice he saw. Ted-Rex decided the only way to stop Dr. Flame was to get the Fire Department. Taking out his dinosaur-shaped cell-phone he began to dial 911.

Seeing this, Dr. Flame targeted Ted-Rex’s cell phone and it melted! Not knowing what else to do, he called to Miss Sarah. Thinking quickly, Miss Sarah filled her trunk with some of that melted water and sprayed all of the flames out!

Ted-Rex and Miss Sarah put Dr. Flame on a dinosaur-shaped sled to bring him out to the police and fire department.

“HOORAY!” shouted Miss Sarah.

“Bad boy, Dr. Flame,” said Ted-Rex.

“Well, I’ve had enough of this I’m going to sleep,” said Dr. Flame.

After Dr. Flame had been taken away, they decided to relocate to Earth for more gravity-friendly training for the Olympics.

Ms. Keefe’s third-grade class at Erickson Elementary, Ypsilanti
Life-Sized Poetry Board Game
“Ode to Ms. Keefe”

She’s so nice
She’s like softball and ice cream
A teacher, her favorite color is green
And she helps people with homework and bad dreams
She’s actually a fairy
Everybody thinks there’s tattoos on her back
But they are butterfly wings
Mrs. Keef is as nice as a sister
She lives on and on
Guiding us with hoping.

* Workshops *

Leyla Williams and Andrew Yang
Age 9, Northside and Age 11, St. Francis
“The Story Behind This is Just to Say by William Carlos Williams”

One day William went to the market early in the morning to buy food. There he saw someone in a black cloak stealing plums from the market’s icebox and there was barely any ice left in the box. This gave him an idea. He raced home to sit down and write a poem inspired by what he saw at the market. As he unlocked his kitchen door, what did he see but his grandma taking the plums from the icebox. William looked at his grandma with big eyes. “Why are you taking my plums?” he exclaimed. His grandma said, “But, but, but, but, I was looking for a cold drink and I came across the plums and I was hungry.” Her face was covered with plum juice and a purple mustache. William looked at his grandma and said, “That’s okay, you just gave me an idea for a poem.” His grandma said, “I’ll remember that the next time I steal your chocolate cake.”

* Drop-in Tutoring on Liberty Street *

Aliyah Maxwell
Age 10, Ann Arbor Open Elementary
“Raccoon Encounter”

One night, I was walking home from the YMCA (which is in Ann Arbor). Anyway, when we left the Y, I was tired. My eyes were darting back and forth. I spotted a tree; something was scampering around on the other side of the sidewalk. I stopped. My feet were glued to the thick, gray pavement.

“Mama, look!” I whispered, and pointed to a jet black and white-ish figure. Someone passed me, and it looked like a woman. However, my eyesight shot right back to the smallish figure. The figure turned to me. I could see its small, beady, bright red eyes. Then a man passed us, blocking my view.

“Come on,” my sister complained.

“No, look.” I pointed. The man just walked right past it. The streetlights sparkled. I realized that it was just as frightened as me, and it was just staring at me across the sidewalk. It was just a raccoon. Its furry head was looking at me in wonder. I knew it was curious but also scared. It was about to climb up one of those baby-kind-of-trees.

“It’s a raccoon!” I squealed excitedly. “Take a picture.”

“No,” my mom said. “Let’s go home and have dinner. I’m hungry.”

“Okay,” I sighed, and left the shadowy spot where the raccoon stood watching.

Priscilla Du
Age 9, Thurston Elementary, Ann Arbor
“The Detroit Auto Show”

The Detroit Auto Show is a show to introduce cars to people. A bicycle store owner originally started the show in 1899 and he showed cars and bicycles. The new show started in 1907. The show has been held in very interesting places since then.

The main things we see today in the Detroit Auto Show are the cars. There are new cars, cars for sale, and concept car models. People from all across the world want to show off their cars that they have made. They also give out awards for the cars and trucks. They have all kinds of interesting cars.

All over the world people hear about it and come to visit. All ages can come and can go in certain cars and take pictures sitting in them. Some people sing and dance to attract other people’s attention to go see some cars. The Detroit Auto Show is amazing.

* Drop-in Writing at 826michigan *

Kiyan Aslani
Age 11
I Saved The Day

I was sitting on a branch
just hanging out with my little sister
when I looked up
and suddenly
a few trees over
in a 50-foot-tall tree
I saw a baby raccoon trying to flee
from a great big squirrel —
a terrifying bully!

The squirrel grabbed the raccoon and pulled it out of the nest
I thought to myself, “What a great big pest!”
I must hurry I have no time to lose
and then I said I must now choose!
I then took action and went into flight
and thought to myself, “this might not be very bright!”

* In-school Residencies *

Third Grade, Adams STEM Academy, Ypsilanti
“The Hamster that Wants to Go to Law School”

About the author: I’m nine years old, and I’m in third grade. My favorite color is blue. My favorite food is eggs, and I like hamsters. My mom is in law school.

There was a hamster named Fluffy. He likes to think of himself being in law school. He thinks being in law school is fun. He will think of lots of things to do in law school. He wishes he was in a real law school. He knows he cannot go to a real law school because he is too small and he cannot talk. But it is hard work being in law school, so he always goes to sleep.

He dreams he’s in law school and in his dreams he goes to the same law school—Hamster University.

Second Grade, Adams STEM Academy, Ypsilanti
“The Star Book of Stars”

I love stars so much that I want to reach the stars. I did. I reached the stars. Now I like to reach the stars. The star goes down to my house to play tag with me. Every evening at lunch the stars and I play. I like to go to putt-putt upon Sunday. We went to Wendy’s to get frosties. I like to play with you. You want to play with me? Me too.

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