Are We Crazy?

November 6, 2007 | 826 Blog Post

I think you all know the answer to that already, and so I will press
on to the matter at hand. Which is: What are you doing Saturday night?
Why not spend it with us?

A great excuse to come check out our new digs, or just to support our
crazy little fundraiser, we proudly present to you: 24-Hour Theater!
Yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like. A team of writers,
directors, actors, designers, and more meet on Friday night to create
two short plays. The curtain goes up at 8pm on Saturday night.

And what makes this event even better? The six brilliant teens (and a
wooden doll named Chet) who have been involved in our Master Class:
Comedic Playwriting workshop for the last month and a half will
perform skits, tell jokes, and charm the audience in-between plays.

Need more? There will be a contest, and a prize. More?
It’s only five dollars (unless you want to give us more), and all
proceeds benefit free student programming at 826michigan.

Want to see if we can pull it off? Then we’ll see you this Saturday,
November 10, at 8pm, right here at 826michigan.

Completely Unrelated Blog Epilogue:

Many of you may remember our Inspiration Room. It was a small, lime
green room in our old space that featured stuffed animals, toys,
papers, pictures, and all manner of other fodder super-glued to the
walls. It was also the home of the famed Character/First Sentence
Wall. Taking the Inspiration Room down was a sad day (or few days,
really). The day I repainted the walls (a boring sage green, no less!)
was even more sad. This morning, I got an email from 826michigan
friend and parent Betsy McMillin. She mentioned that her daughter,
Maggie, wanted to come on Wednesdays because she thought that she
could get so many ideas just by looking out of our big front window.
And then Betsy said, “Who knew your new inspiration room would be your
front window?”

So, I’d just like to publicly thank Betsy for that, a sentiment which
is beautiful on about eleven levels.

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