Art Fair: It's Coming.

July 10, 2009 | 826 Blog Post

As “townies,” I think we are technically not supposed to like Art Fair. But guess what? WE LOVE IT. Why? Because it brings gaggles of people into our store. As it happens, people from all over the state need robot supplies, and so Art Fair is a great time to reach those enthusiasts. The shelves of the Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair are stocked, I’m pretty sure, more fully than they’ve ever been before.

Have you had a chance to enlist yourself and your bot in the Liberty Brand Robot Responsibility Training System? This twelve-step program is designed to calibrate your bot to your specific needs, and increase the amount of responsibility it is able to take on. In addition to having six of the twelve steps on our shelves — including Sea Monkeys, plants, ant farms, and all manner of personal hygiene implements — the other six steps can now be special-ordered. Furthermore, we have a slew of other brand-new products, like the Liberty Brand Robot Soul and Better Bot’s Robot Kidney and/or Fluid Management System.

So consider yourself CORDIALLY invited to visit the Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair during Art Fair while you’re out and about. Any money you spend (any many of our products, really, sort of count as art pieces) benefits our free student programming, so you can feel EXTRA good about your purchases. And did we mention we have AIR CONDITIONING?

But we have something else going on during Art Fair! Consider yourself also CORDIALLY invited to our first-ever Yet-to-be-Titled Art Fair Film Festival. The public is welcome at this sure-to-be hilarious event. Make no mistake! This is NOT art-on-a-stick (although it’s sure to be featured in at least one of the films), but, for the low, low price of $5 (which benefits 826’s free student programming), you’ll receive:

  • An entertaining mix of movies filmed at or inspired by Art Fair. Filmmakers can use any genre, possibly including: horror, mockumentary, documentary, musical, spaghetti western, dramady, comema, action, romantic comedy, gangster, animation, epic, silent, and foreign.
  • The ability to wow your friends and family by telling them you went to the FIRST Art Fair Film Festival, you know, before EVERYONE ELSE started doing it in subsequent years.
  • The knowledge that you spent 5 of your hard-earned dollars on helping kids learn to write and finish their homework AND you were entertained in the process.
  • At the very least one or two solid belly laughs.
  • A front row (or something pretty close to that) seat at our first AAAFFF Awards Ceremony.
  • As much popcorn as you can shove into your gullet.

If THAT doesn’t make you want to come, check out this awesome poster intern Jared Hawkley made:

Yet-to-be-Titled Art Fair Film Festival

Sweet, right? The festival, which features and undisclosed number of no-longer-than-fifteen-minute short films about and/or at Art Fair starts at 8pm right here at 826michigan. (Note: Filmmakers have been asked to shoot for PG-13 and under.) We hope to see you there!

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