August 2012 – Natalie DePasquale

August 1, 2012 | 826 Blog Post

Natalie DePasquale!

Natalie DePasquale!

You may know that our retail storefront, Liberty Street Supply & Repair, is staffed by an elite crew of volunteers we call “Robotiers”. (And that we will take great pains to point out that this is pronounced “robot-tee-EH”.) Odds are you’ve seen one of these legendary Robotiers, or spoken with one on the phone, or peered at one through the window of LSRS&R and thought “my goodness, what a friendly- and intelligent-looking person that is who is sitting there behind that desk representing 826michigan to the public!”

This month’s Volunteer of the Month, Natalie DePasquale, is a long-time Robotier who is truly worthy of the name.

(She’s also a member of two OTHER elite crews: the Sustainers, our group of monthly donors; and those who have put their dignity ON THE LINE for 826michigan by competing in a Spelling Bee for Honest Cheaters.)

Even an elite crew of volunteer store staffers occasionally have obligations outside of LSRS&R. And this is where a volunteer can pretty much get on the FASTEST POSSIBLE TRACK to Super-Star status: by stepping up to cover his or her fellow Robotiers’ vacant shifts when necessary.

Well, this summer, Natalie DePasquale has been doing so much stepping up she might want to think about releasing a workout DVD. So much stepping up they’ll have to make a FIFTH Step Up movie just for her. SO MUCH stepping up that we might as well call her Natalie “The Escalator” DePasquale.

What’s more, she does all this stepping up with a friendly smile on her face, which gives us supreme confidence that anybody who might be peering through the window of LSRS&R will feel invited to come in, to learn more about 826michigan, and perhaps to sign up their child for a workshop or to join the mailing list or to take home a volunteer application or a bottle of Robot Tears.

And that confidence? That’s invaluable. THANK YOU so much, Natalie “The Escalator” DePasquale, for all you have done and are doing for 826michigan! You do the Robotiers proud.

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