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August 26, 2015 | 826 Blog Post

Each month, we feature EIGHT new pieces of student writing on the TWENTY-SIXTH of the month. (Get it?) This month, we are are featuring writing from our partnership with Ypsilanti Community School’s summer school program for English Language Leaners. Our summer interns and volunteers helped support students for whom English is a second (or third, or fourth) language during this six-week program, and led weekly poetry workshops; during these workshops students composed the following poems.

*Summer School ELL Support in Ypsilanti*

Juhi Rahmen, Age 12
“Ger, Home, Veed”
Ypsilanti Community Middle School

In India, with my grandmother, grandfather, and cousins, we had weddings and parties, and there were lots of places to play. I smell chai boiling in the kitchen. In the USA, in Ypsilanti, with my parents, brother, and sister, we go to parties and go exploring and swimming in the cold pool. It’s cold and hot in Ypsilanti. Parties and exploring are the same. Exploring is fun, we can see different places. When I came to the USA, I was as happy as a birthday girl.

Susana Alvarez, Age 13
“El Salvador”

El Salvador was my beautiful home.
I lived in a big, beautiful house with my mom, grandma, and cousin.
We spoke only Spanish.
It was very warm like boiling water.
There were many stores, yummy watermelon popsicles, and chips.
Lots to choose from.

Live in Michigan, Ypsilanti now.
Medium, beautiful house.
I live with my parents, brother, aunts, and cousin.
We speak Spanish and English.
It’s cold and warm.

In both of my homes, I speak Spanish.
I have all of my family in both of my homes.

I love my new home so much,
but not more than El Salvador.
I love living in both.
I see greatness in both,
but sometimes I wish I could go back.
I don’t like it as much here sometimes,
so I want to go back.
I love it here
and there.

Didier Landa, Age 14
Ypsilanti Community High School

My journey started from France to USA.
On the journey, I saw many things like
trains, airplanes, cars, people, and rivers.
The airplane was as big as the sky.
When I came to the USA, the sky was as beautiful as flowers.

France is different from the USA.
In France, many things are different like
houses, food, statues, sports, and languages.
But, here it is so very different.
The USA is as big as Russia,
France is as little as the Congo.
When I came to the USA, the language was strange.
I was confused, people were not speaking French.
The schools were different,
in the Congo we paid money for school,
but in the USA some schools didn’t take money and some others did.
This was the journey of Didier.
From the Congo to France,
France to the USA.

Lawali Muhamadou, Age 14
“A Niche That Sounds Like A Sound Of Love”
Ypsilanti Community Schools

A niche is a sound that you find in your heart, when you look for it.
The only way you can find your niche is by doing a good deed.
You can find a lot of niches in the world,
but the one niche I find is the niche of trophies.
A niche is everything you can find in your heart,
but what I call a niche is a beauty, that I see inside of you.
When I look for your niche, I see something strong in everyone.
All you have to do is remember that your niche will always be inside of you.
You have to know that a niche will always be there with you.
You have to know that a niche can be found by a good deed.
To me, everyone has a strong and beautiful niche within.
Never forget, that you will always be strong and have your niche.

Israel Landa, Age 12
“Coming to America”
Ypsilanti Community Middle School

I used to live in a city in the Congo.
It snowed one time in the Congo in 2004.
When the snow stopped, it started to rain.
Now I live in Michigan
it snows all the time.
Now I hate the snow because
it is cold
but sometimes it is fun.

Mostafa Hassanin, Age 12
“Home to Home”
Ypsilanti Community Middle School

Egypt was a nice place to live,
but not anymore.
Let’s talk about nature.
You could hear birds whistle like the sound of a whistle.
No noise.
No fights.
I personally LOVED Egypt’s weather.

In Michigan, the weather was way different,
it was way colder than we thought.
We had fun and all,
but most of the time we stayed home
because it was so cold.

After all, we loved both places
but my mom loved Egypt’s weather
but we picked moving to Michigan.

I was happy and excited about moving
but at the same time
I was sad about leaving my friends and house.

Gabriela Ramirez, Age 14
“The Water”
Ypsilanti Community Middle School

The water is cold as the snow.
The water goes through the city and when the water gets used in the shower,
it goes to the river
and comes back again.
My family uses all the hot water,
then it gets cold.
The water is wet, pouring, and dropping.
It’s cold and warm.
I like to go to the lake and be with my family
and feel the cold and warm water.

Ahmed Hassanin, Age 19
“English, My First Problem”
Ypsilanti Community High School

Egypt was my first home.
I grew up there.
I had a of of friends over there.
I’ve been everywhere in Egypt.
We had lots of fun back there.

Now, in America, it was amazing
in the beginning.
But then I had to work.
I am getting older.
The biggest problem I had,
was learning English.

When I first got here
I didn’t speak English at all.
It was hard when I heard people talking.
I just looked at them and wished that I could understand.
They had to bring me an Arabic teacher to teach me random stuff,
but I still didn’t understand very well.
I started to learn English with Mrs. Sirman.
Mrs. Sirman taught with games and activities.
It made it easier for us.
English was hard to learn
but after I met Mrs. Sirman,
I started learning very fast.

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