Back into In-Schools!

September 29, 2008 | 826 Blog Post

We realize that, while our location is great for us, and for the Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair, it is inconvenient for some of the students who need our services the most. It is with that very thought in mind—and of course our deep-seated love and respect for all teachers—that we developed our in-schools program.

One of our most popular in-school programs is something we like to call Traveling Editors. In this program, we send as many volunteers as we can rustle up into a teacher’s classroom just as students are nearing the “final draft” stage of a paper or project. Our volunteers then sit down one-on-one with each student to go over the assignment and give invaluable feedback and suggestions (as well as gather any information the teacher requests, such as a student’s strengths or struggles). This Wednesday, we kick off our first in-school of the year at Huron High School, where we will help Mr. Janger’s class with their two-minute poster presentations on I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings. Next week, we’re visiting Pioneer High School for two days to work with students on their critical essays on Of Mice and Men.

This year, we’re also planning year-long residencies in several schools in Ypsilanti. This Thursday marks the first session of our in-school publication project this year (you can find last year’s Tall Tales & True Stories here), which focuses on two of Trudy Adams’ English classes at Ypsilanti High School. Based around the premise that we are all a community of writers, and can therefore both learn from and teach one another, this project is part reading, part literary analysis, part writing, part editing, and all awesome. Two of the writers the students will be studying—Sherman Alexie and Dave Eggers—will even be making video appearances in the classroom to answer the students’ questions! This weekly workshop will culminate with a professionally printed book, set to be released in the spring.

We’re also providing in-class, sustained support to teachers at a few elementary schools in Ypsilanti as well. More on that soon. And GO IN-SCHOOLS!

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