Barb MacKenzie – Robotier Extraordinaire & November's Volunteer of the Month

October 29, 2014 | Volunteer of the Month

Barb MacKenzie
Since October 2013, Barb has been a model Robotier in our store on weekday mornings. She brings the words reliable, friendly, and helpful to new heights. Sometimes staff pause what we are doing on the other side of the curtain to listen to Barb greet customers and families, because it is JUST SO LOVELY.

In addition to her regular store shift, Barb always jumps in to help with special programs and events. She brings her poise, calm, and problem-solving skills to Family Writing Nights in Ypsilanti, in-school workshops, book releases, fundraisers, and community outreach events. Even with projects that are difficult for most volunteers to manage, we can count on Barb to get up early, stay late, or do whatever is necessary.

Barb has also been known to don a lab coat and help students roll giant die, interrogate suspects, and write wonderful poems and stories during field trips.

You know what else about Barb? Students LOVE her. They just do. She has that natural rapport and authenticity that causes everyone around her to fall for her.

One last thing: Barb once heard through the grapevine that Frances is a huge fan of lentil soup and she brought in a container of the most delicious lentil soup to share! This highlights one of our favorite attributes of Barb: she is so darn thoughtful. Barb is always checking in with other volunteers about their experiences and finding creative and generous ways to be supportive of her compatriots.

Thank you, Barb! We appreciate you!

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