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January 9, 2006 | 826 Blog Post

Have you ever seen your name in print? Do you know the joyous, awe-inspiring, I’m-on-top-of-the-world feeling that comes with knowing scores of people are reading your words?

Submit to 826michigan and the Neutral Zone’s yet-to-be-named literary journal!

Deadline: February 15

What we’re looking for: Submissions of any length in poetry, fiction, essay, and drama from students aged 6 to 18.

Where to send them: E-mail submissions to Amy, or send them to 826michigan, 2245 S State Street, A2 48104. Please include name, age, school, grade, address, e-mail, and phone number on each submission.

826michigan and a team of Neutral Zone students are hard at work and hoping to publish the journal in the spring in conjunction with the Ann Arbor Book Festival.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Who can submit?

    Any student aged 6 to 18. That’s it. Public school? Yes. Private school? Yes. Home school? Yes. Furthermore, eye color is not taken into consideration, and submissions written by blue-eyed writers will be handled the same as brown-eyed writers, or green eyed, or even hazel eyed, for that matter. We might look twice at a yellow-eyed writer, but only out of curiosity, and wonder, and would treat that writer’s submission the same as everyone else’s. Of course, if you e-mail or send in your submission, we won’t know unless you tell us. Your call.

  • Will I be compensated for my work if it’s accepted?

    Contributors will receive two copies of the journal, bragging rights, the opportunity to read their published piece at the Ann Arbor Book Festival and other events, and the joy of seeing their work in print.

  • What’s the deadline?

    We know one shouldn’t answer a question with another question, but are you paying attention? February 15.

  • Is the journal itself going to be handsome, impressive, and, dare-we-say, marvelous?

    YOU BET! There is a 99.9% chance that all contributors will feel pride to the point of overwhelming happiness to be included in this volume.

  • What’s it going to be called?

    We’re open to suggestions. Right now we’re throwing around Vacansopapurosophobia. Unwieldy, yes, but it means “fear of a blank page,” and we like that. Seriously, though, if you have ideas, e-mail Amy.

For the answers to any other questions, e-mail Amy or call her at 761-3463.

Thanks, and we look forward to reading your submissions!

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