Cambrey Thomas–Writer, Designer, Robotier Extraordinaire!

December 1, 2017 | 826 Blog Post

cambrey travelingEvery month, we seek out a volunteer to highlight for their outstanding contributions to 826michigan, and each year that we grow, it becomes so much harder. Annually, we can only recognize twelve of the more than five hundred dedicated, outstanding humans who support our students each year. Closing out a dynamic 2017 is Cambrey Thomas, a volunteer who began her service this fall, but has made an indelible impact nonetheless, through her work.

Cambrey is a native Detroiter, an emerging voice in writing—with some features in national publications, and one of the best people to turn to for awesome vegetarian recipe and restaurant recommendations. She’s a recent grad of Columbia University who demonstrates a natural gift in her work with our students—probably because of all the amazing experience she has working with youth outside of 826michigan’s writing and tutoring labs.

In her service as a robotier in the store, Cambrey makes Mondays one of our favorite days of the week, ensuring that the Detroit Robot Factory is open for the surrounding community to discover the magic that takes place inside. She’s also one of the first faces to greet our Detroit After-school Tutoring students at the beginning of the week, making it possible for their after-school experience to start off right.

cambrey enjoying her birthday

Also fascinating and fun is Cambrey’s extensive knowledge of tea. She can always be found enjoying a delicious cup of hot tea during her store shift and at tutoring. Her enthusiasm has rubbed off on us a bit and encouraged staff to be more hydrated.

cambrey styling and profilingBest of all, Cambrey enters into our spaces and approaches students with a positive and open heart. She asks questions that help us to think about new ways we can grow. And, she’s just plain ole’ fun to be around. We are so glad that she decided to volunteer with us shortly after her return to Detroit and we invite you to celebrate her with us for the entire month of December! We salute you Cambrey, our December 2017 Volunteer of the Month!


PS: You should definitely check out her writing. Much of it can be found here on her personal website:

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