Can Leaves Really Dance? Can You Smell Fall? Can Grass Create a Sea?: 826michigan students contemplate autumn

December 19, 2011 | 826 Blog Post

Weird fact: it’s still TECHNICALLY fall! So all those puffy coats, snow boots, and chill breezes? They are autumn puffy coats, snow boots and chill breezes for just a few more days!

(Admittedly, some of the most recent autumn chill breezes have been a little, well, chilly…)

Okay, okay, so only the most pedantic of souls would insist that it is still fall. Given that I am writing this blog post, not my dad (hi Dad! Love ya!), I’ll give up the it’s-still-autumn ghost.

BUT how about a little autumn nostalgia to wrap up the season? Join 826michigan students on a prairie walk through Dow Prairie simply by clicking right here.

Here’s Program Coordinator Catherine to explain what brought about this charming video:

Here’s the next wonderful installment of student voices from 826michigan’s Nichols Arboretum workshops led by the inimitable Ami Walsh and Jane Hayes. Three times a year, Jane, Ami, and a group of dedicated volunteers take a workshop on a hike through the Arb to explore the secrets of each season. This October, we traversed the Alex Dow Prairie, and our students composed wonderful poems about their findings there. Many thanks to volunteers Jane, John, Derek, Brea, Lindsay, Sarah, Polly, Dena, and Anna, and to Bob Grese & Linda Neely from Nicholas Arboretum for making this workshop a success. Special gratitude to Ami for recording our students and creating such a lovely tribute to them and to their work.

I know people in This Modern World of Ours are constantly entreated to click on links, watch videos, etc etc etc, and I also know that I personally rarely feel compelled to do so. No compulsion here, but I really think you should try this one out. It’s five minutes that will amuse and delightful and leave you with an effervescent feeling in your very SOUL.

If you’d like to join us for the winter installment of our nature writing workshop, keep an eye out for the Winter 2012 workshop schedule. It will be posted on Tuesday, January 10, at 7pm. Registration opens the following day, Wednesday, January 11, also at 7pm!

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