Can You Hear Me? I’m Down Here, Buried Underneath This Humongous Pile of Quarterly Submissions!

February 15, 2006 | 826 Blog Post

Nathaniel and Ryan from Haisley work diligently on their essays while Elizabeth from Greenhills helps another student.

Two things:

  1. The deadline has come and gone! No more submissions, please; I want my life back! A million-and-one thanks to the million-and-one students who submitted work to 826michigan and the Neutral Zone’s publication, Vacansopapurosophobia, or, as we are referring to it, V. Seriously, it warms my heart to see this much interest, despite a significant spike in my blood pressure. Or perhaps that’s part of why my heart feels so warm? Mother…is that you?
  2. Join us next Wednesday as we raise money to help pay for another 826 publication, Suddenly My Heart Stopped for Just a Small Portion of Time: Defining Moments. A wonderful group of seniors at Greenhills have been mentoring wunderkid fifth-graders at Haisley Elementary for the last semester, and this fundraising dinner is an effort to get their personal narratives published.

More thanks than there are stars in the sky go out to the students from both classes, and Valerie Shedd and Stella Beale, the awe-inspiring teachers I’ve been lucky enough to work with.

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