Day Four: Paper that is Scary

October 3, 2009 | 826 Blog Post

Almost a year ago, Matt Shlian contacted me about possibly teaching a paper-crafting workshop for us. We scheduled a meeting, and when that day arrived, he came in with one of the most astounding, amazing, and awe-inspiring portfolios I’ve ever seen. I essentially begged him, on the spot, to ALWAYS teach workshops for us. So far, he has taken us up on that. For which we are forever grateful.

Case in point: today, day four of our Week of Wild Things. When I approached Matt about teaching a monster-crafting workshop for us, he was more than up for the task. If you’re downtown today around 1pm, I invite you to pop into the Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair, and peek behind the red curtains and into the workshop. The workshop, entitled Secrets of Paper Engineering: Monster-crafting 101, is, as you might expect, full (and with a waitlist about a mile long). In it, students will learn how to make paper scary. Neat, right?

Feel free to check out Matt’s website here, order a copy of his awesome Papercuts book here (or pick it up in the robot shop), and check out his amazing robotic paper entry in Art Prize (he’s in the top twenty-five out of 1200 artists!) here.

Prize drawing for $50 at the Melting Pot and a copy of the ingenious Heads On and We Shoot: The Making of Where the Wild Things Are tomorrow…

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