December 2010 – Erin Dreps

December 1, 2010 | 826 Blog Post

Erin Dreps!

Erin Dreps!

Doing the write-up for the one-and-only Erin Dreps might be the easiest thing we’ll do all month. It will CERTAINLY be the easiest thing we do this week. Why? Because. Erin Dreps. Is. Awesome. She’s. Amazing. She’s. The. Best. Pontificating on her many fine points is as easy as discussing what you like about great weather. Or puppies. Or robots.

What makes it even EASIER is that she is totally one of those super-humble people who sort of fly under the radar. Like, she may not even KNOW how great she is (unlikely though it seems; surely the sun knows how awesome it feels on a nice day, right?), and she very likely isn’t informed of it as often as she should be. (Which would be about once every thirty seconds. Which would be distracting. It’s probably for the best, now that we think of it, but you get the picture.)

Okay. Erin Dreps. First off, she writes a really, REALLY stellar email. And we are people who pride ourselves on stellar emails. So when she sent us a witty and smart email about how she’d like to be the store intern for the Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair, after Amy did seventy-five back-flips (in a ROW!), she responded with a decidedly NOT witty and smart email (something along the lines of “YES YES YES! Your pal, Amy.”)

And so it began. Erin started helping with making the store, like, an ACTUAL store. She added receipts. She unpacked boxes. She helped us develop systems, and then she made the systems better. And THEN, friends, she unpacked even more boxes.

Furthermore, Erin was instrumental in implementing our new point-of-sale system. She input products. She helped come up with product codes. She input more products. (Are you catching on yet? Erin does many of the tedious, frustrating tasks that Amy used to suffer through, but Erin does them with a smile and often a funny remark. And if you find yourself apologizing about sticking her with some mundane task or other, she says something like, “I’m the store intern. I am supposed to do things like that.” Which is, really, the Best Ever Attitude an intern could have.)

Back to the point-of-sale system. She helped set it up. She held its hand as it learned how to walk. She taught it to ride a bike, and then, ever so gently, she took off the training wheels and let go of the seat and stopped running with it. By which we mean to say: She wrote an incredibly funny and informative and easy-to-use manual for the store staff, trained everyone, and kept up with the little quirks and issues that came up.

Oh yeah, and then she unpacked some more boxes, and input some invoices into the system, and priced some things.

All the while being charming and funny and quietly awesome. She has absolutely and without question improved the Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair (immeasurably) AND improved our lives (measurably, as in, A WHOLE BUNCH AND A HECK OF A LOT).

Erin! We love you SO MUCH! Thank you for being so awesome, and funny, and great. Thank you for everything you’ve done and continue to do for us! Please don’t ever leave us!

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