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December 11, 2018 | 826 Blog Post

Ode to Writing

Written by the Community at the OMNIBUS X Release Celebration

Words are daily dishes, breakfast lunch and dinner
Make you feel like a winner
Words smell like dusty books pages, the inside of a pencil sharpener, and nasty baloney
Words are like popcorn
Some of them have butter and some of them don’t
Words are like gummy bears
chewy, hard, squishy, mushy, sweet, and sour
Writing smells like chocolate, fresh wood, coffee, fresh air, fresh ideas, paper, and delicious buttermilk
And that’s what makes it smell delicious
Our writing comes from memories, experiences, feelings, and our imaginations
Words can be a healing spell or a chain saw
Whether they are blustery or bulbous or supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
They can inspire people, help us organize our thoughts, express ourselves and create with a flourish
When I write I feel like I’m in another word fantasy world where words taste big, juicy, crispy, sweet and sour
And special like an awesome holiday
Writing is a line
A portal to a new world
When I write I imagine how big this will all grow
When you write about nature there is a plethora of smells—pinecones, apples, crunchy leaves, fresh air
I write when I am imagining something superb
Writing is another form of expression
Writing is like exploring the world
Writing rhyming words like hop and pop
Seeing words that make sense
When words are interesting they make you express your mind and feelings with imagination
Writing is calming like a symphony
Like reading or painting
Like exploring and wondering
I write to be heard; words are like bricks.

Illustration by Ingrid

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