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December 26, 2016 | 826 Blog Post


Sam, Who Played Football

Samere Brown, Age 8

It all began when Sam played football. The football field, it had a field goal, numbers, and a line. Sam was round; he had strawberry jelly inside him. He was not good at football. They stepped on him. The pink jelly came out. The coach threw pink jam and Sam licked the jelly. The jelly came out, and the coach threw more strawberry jelly at him. When he got up, he tripped over the jelly, and he got stuck in the jelly. They tried to throw the football and it went through his hole. They’re friends, but they don’t know he is a donut.

He went in the break room and took all his stuff off—-his football jersey, his fake legs, his shoulder pads, and his eyes and hair. Then he rolled down and got stuck in a closet. He sat there in a closet. They won the game because Sam left. He ate himself, and came back as a plastic donut. He rolled out, and they found out he is a donut.

After the game, they went in the break room—-Sam was crying candy and watching Inside Out. A car came in and hit him, and turned him into part elephant, dolphin, and cotton candy. His team felt excited, because he was part elephant, dolphin, and cotton candy. He then ate his own cry because it’s candy.

He got to stay on the team. After he ate his cry, he threw the football into the endzone. Then when they won, he read a book that turned him into cotton candy, and he got stuck as cotton candy. He got eaten, and came back as a person. He ain’t no good football player as a person.

He was at the shoe store, then he got stuck in the shoe because he was a tiny, tiny person. Then he turned into shoes! Then he got out of shoe form, and then he started a new life. The end.

Artwork by Natalie Marion,

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