DECEMBER Student Writing Gallery

December 26, 2015 | 826 Blog Post

Each month, we feature EIGHT new pieces of student writing on the TWENTY-SIXTH of the month. (Get it?) This month, we are are featuring writing from our Detroit In-school Workshop Roadshows at the Foreign Language Immersion and Cultural Studies School in Detroit.

*Detroit In-school Workshop Roadshows*

Amour Lovelady, age 8
How to Survive if a Tornado Comes
FLICS School
How To Survive Anything

First, you always should call your mother and father and look for shelter. Some kinds of shelters are bomb shelters, basements, or cellars. You can also hide in a ditch if you’re driving and can’t get to a shelter.

Then, you should always use your ears to hear out and see if the tornado has passed. If it didn’t pass and you have a sister or a brother, you can play with her or him.

Next, you can play tag if you have space, or you can play patty-cake or also play charades.

Last, but not least, if the tornado has passed, you should always try to call someone because the tornado damages everything. You can ask them for a ride to a hotel in Florida or another country.

Cameron Flowers, age 8
How to Survive a Volcano Eruption
FLICS School
How To Survive Anything

First, you’ll have to ask someone when the volcano will erupt.

Then, you evacuate your town and bring your belongings.

Next, if you have a car, use it to drive out of the volcano’s way.

Last, the best way to get away is to go on a plane and fly away from Hawaii and come to Michigan.

If the volcano grows legs and spits lava at people, you should hide in your basement with no windows.

Ashley Howard, age 8
How to Survive Chocolate City
FLICS School
How To Survive Anything

First, it is cold and in the house there is a hot tub made out of chocolate.

Then, you get your swimsuit and you get in it and eat some of the chocolate.

Next, you are covered in chocolate. Then you take a chocolate shower.

Last, you get into your chocolate clothes and you go outside to go to the food court and you eat lots of chocolate there.

If you eat all of the chocolate, you won’t have anywhere to live so you will go to Florida and eat a little of that chocolate.

Deanna Guerrero, age 8
How to Survive When You Get Lost at the Grocery Store
FLICS School
How To Survive Anything

First, you have to look for a manager or a security guard. Try not to lose your parents. When you see a security guard, page your parents.

Then, if that doesn’t work, try to look for your parents yourself. If there’s a bed you can sleep in it.

Next, you get a bottle of water and a snack. Also, you can read and color if they have them.

Last, you can also eat lots of chocolate. You can read some Dr. Seuss books, too.

Clinton Cuyler III, age 8
How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse
FLICS School
How To Survive Anything

First, you should wear a suit. If you touch a zombie they will turn human. Use a teleportation watch so you can make them tired.

Then, run away or call a gorilla. To call a gorilla, say, “Uga uga uga.” Call a dinosaur named Pronasoris.

Next, to call it, say, “Raw! Raw! Raw!” If they eat you, you will turn into a zombie. Make a house with guards to protect you.

Last, call all your friends and families. They will tag them. Then they will turn normal.

Bianca Pine-Robinson
How to Survive Living with (An Annoying) Little Sister
FLICS School
How To Survive Anything

First, make sure you are hiding in your closet with a bag of food and being silent with an electronic phone, and tell your mom you are okay.

Then, tell your brother (if you have one) about your lifestyle and that he should join the club.

Next, make sure your mom doesn’t spoil her and make a backup plan if the closet thing doesn’t work (maybe in mom’s closet this time).

Last, you should try to ship her to Florida to your aunt and say, “Adios, kalitaxidi, au revoir!”
If she comes back, tell her it was your brother’s fault.

Daryan Williams, age 8
How to Take Care of a Puppy/Dog
FLICS School
How To Survive Anything

First, you go to the pet store and buy one. You go to the dog/puppy food. When you buy it you can get a collar that says “Angel.”

Then, you take it home. Then, you play ball with it. When it’s hungry you feed it. Then you get it a drink.

Next, you let it sleep in your bed. Before you let it sleep in your bed you give it a bath.

Last, you watch TV before you go to bed and then you leave it on and your puppy/dog sits on you.

If your puppy/dog runs away, you buy a new puppy/dog. And if your dog falls asleep in your bed when it’s dirty, you sleep on the floor.

Parrish Smith, age 8
How to Be a Good Baseball Player
FLICS School
How To Survive Anything

First, you need to buy a tee, baseball, and bat. You want to hit it for practice with hard balls.

Then, if you have a morning game, make sure you eat. Practice on a tee to have a straight swing.

Next, in the winter you might want to go to Skillsville to get even better. Drink a lot of water in the summer.

Last, if you want to get trophies, play in PAL.

If you have good parents they will have snacks at the end.

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