December's Supporter of the Month: Wendy Sherrill, Sustainer

December 12, 2011 | 826 Blog Post

For this, our second Supporter of the Month, we wanted to feature one of the many individual donors who help keep the lights on here at 826HQ. One popped immediately to mind: the lovely Wendy Sherrill.

Those of us who work at nonprofits know very well that the typical donor does not look or act like one might expect a Donor to. (Elements of a Donor: Fur coat? Small, fussy dog? Perhaps a sweater vest [but probably not concurrently with the fur coat]? A building with the family name on the door? MULTIPLE buildings with the family name on the door?)

In reality, most of the people who donate to 826michigan are refreshingly regular. (But, because they support 826michigan, they also tend to be really funny and literate, too. Of course we WOULD say that, but it actually is The Objective Truth.)

Wendy Sherrill is one of these refreshingly regular people. She works in marketing and can often be found enjoying a bite at Zingerman’s Deli or playing in Ann Arbor parks with her two kids. Wendy is what we call a Sustainer, meaning she makes a modest but regular contribution on a monthly basis. In point of fact, Wendy PIONEERED this program by making monthly donations before we even had a system for people to make monthly donations! Additionally, Wendy has attended our fund-raising How To Write Like I Do workshops for adults and even donated her time recently to usher at our festival of one-act plays, Five Bowls of Oatmeal.

Although Wendy’s contributions can be summed up in a few short sentences, our appreciation for her could never be. We are so glad to know that generous, involved people like Wendy are out there in our community, and that they believe in what we are doing. It honestly — honestly — means the world.

Of 826michigan, Wendy says, “I think I learned about 826michigan from a friend about 6 years ago. I was looking for a local organization to get involved with and have been a supporter ever since. Writing meant a lot to me as a kid (and still does) and I love how 826michigan helps kids find their voice. I am always amazed by the fun that goes into 826michigan activities. Events like Five Bowls of Oatmeal are so unique. I think that creative energy is a big draw for kids and volunteers.”

WENDY. We are BLUSHING. We are always amazed by YOU! Thank you so much for what you do! If we could name a building after you or buy you a fur coat/sweater vest, we totally would. But please accept this blog post, and our sincere gratitude, instead.

(Interested in following in Wendy’s footsteps and becoming a Sustainer? Please do! Sustainers make monthly contributions of any amount, allowing us to do things like buy copy paper and serve snacks for our students. They also earn, let’s be real here, a Very Special place in our hearts. Get in touch with Executive Director Amanda at for more information on becoming a Sustainer!)”

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