Either Those are Butterflies in my Stomach or I’ve Contracted Some Kind of Horrible Virus…

February 9, 2006 | 826 Blog Post

Hark! Tonight is the first-ever 826michigan benefit show! And I get to play in it!

OH MAN. I’ve played enough shows now to not react the way I did for our first couple of performances (i.e. inability to eat, general nauseous, phone calls to our lead singer apologizing for quitting the band so close to a show), but today I am nervous.

  • The line-up: The Dardanelles, Actual Birds, Canada, and Mason Proper.
  • The place: Blind Pig, 208 S First Street in downtown Ann Arbor
  • The time: Doors at 9, bands start at 9:30

Please come, if for no other reason than to hold my clammy hand and whisper encouraging words in my ear. Come, also, to support 826!

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