October 3, 2005 | 826 Blog Post

Fall has fallen upon us, and the box elders seem to like the sign outside our door, handsome little bugs. In the field down the hill from the writing center live at least three fat groundhogs. One watched me from beside his hole, while two others bounded playfully through the tall grass. I think this place is enchanted.

Our volunteers are amazing. When I left 826 Valencia, I doubted I would ever again meet such wonderful and spirited people. Lo, I have found a growing group of people who are just as dedicated, interesting, and creative. The students seem to like them as much as I do, as they respond enthusiastically to receiving individual attention. The students themselves are creative and inspiring, and they have quickly become some of our favorite people. Again, this place feels enchanted.

This energy and enthusiasm will spill over, no doubt, into our fall fundraiser, the Monsters’ Ball, and into schools as we take our Three-Hour ‘Zine workshop into classrooms. The Quarterly is gaining momentum as well. We are all fortunate to be on board for this exciting ride.

Our friend, Chuck Hatt, will be offering a wonderful workshop for those interested in teaching and writing. How about it, Chuck?

Dear Folks,

We know that there is no substitute for experience when it comes to sharing wisdom with others. This is particularly true of writing. Engaging in the writing process gives us insight and perspective as teachers of the writing process. To this end, I am inviting folks to join me for a series of teacher writing workshops. In the first workshop we will explore the personal narrative genre study which many of us have implemented in our 3-5 classrooms this fall. We will begin with an immersion phase wherein we explore the characteristics of personal narrative. Next, as a pre-writing activity will engage in personal story telling and flash drafting. We will then go through a series of craft and revisions which are specific to this genre. Finally, we will publish a group anthology and have (an adult) author party. I’m hoping folks will join. This series is in collaboration with 826michigan. The workshops will be located in their space. Food (well….pizza) will be served. All classroom teachers and district educators are invited as well as 826michigan staff and any volunteers or tutors who work with grades 3-8 students in the writing workshop. Here are the particulars:

Time: 4:30-6:00
Dates: October 4th, October 11th, 25th, November 1st, and publication party (date and location to be decided by the group)
Location: 2245 South State Street
To register please email Amy Sumerton at amy@826michigan.org

Chuck Hatt
Literacy Coordinator
Ann Arbor Public Schools

Thanks, Mr. Hatt!

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