Everything You Know: A Photographic Recap

February 1, 2011 | 826 Blog Post

Gratitude comes in waves. Right now, I am smack dab in the midst of a tsunami-sized wave of appreciation for our volunteers. Or perhaps it is more apt to say I am in the middle of the Great Gratitude Blizzard of ’11. (Speaking of which, a reminder: If there’s a snow day, there are no programs, and that includes tutoring and workshops.) At any rate, I am continuously amazed by the ingenuity, creativity, and enthusiasm of our volunteers.

Case in point. Dan Reck. Dan started volunteering for us last semester, and proved himself a willing and capable field trip helper. THEN he came to BotChoir, and proved himself a delightful robot with a lovely voice. THEN he started tutoring, and, guess what, he’s a patient and sweet tutor too.

But that’s not what I’m here to talk to you about today. I want to recap the workshop he recently taught, “Everything You Know.” He got the idea from 826LA, and then, well, the phrase “rocked it out here in Michigan” comes to mind.

Have you seen posters around downtown Ann Arbor, on various lampposts and such, explaining how to do things? Here’s an example:

That was the finished product of Dan’s workshop. Let’s go over it in photos, because he also had the foresight to document it. First, he had students figure out what it was that they knew a LOT about, knowledge they could share with the community at large.

Then they made posters of their instructions, and took to the streets. Dan showed them how to post them:

And then they posted their own for passersby.

So if you are wondering how to make thirty-second nachos, or how to use a multiplication lattice, or how to make paper out of old paper, look around you, Ann Arbor. And, just in case you need to know how to make toast, I’ll pass that along to you right here:

  1. Bake bread.
  2. Slice it.
  3. Throw it in the toaster.
  4. Watch bread.
  5. Take it out of toaster.
  6. Put on a spread, like:
  7. a. Butter
    b. Peanut Butter
    c. Marmalade (if you are a grandpa)

  8. Eat it.

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