February 2022 Volunteer of the Month: Extraordinary Aidan

February 18, 2022 | Volunteer of the Month

Aidan has supported Writing for Wee-bots through oodles of sessions. In fact he’s present at almost every single one since the beginning of last summer. We’re not only grateful for his consistent contributions, but also the patience, joy, and genuine curiosity he brings to each breakout room. His favorite Wee-bot memory is when “some wee-bots and I got carried away with Zoom special effects and we were all sporting some great hats. Nothing helps the creative process like getting into character!” If we gave out badges to volunteers, he would have one for open-ended questions about writing and breaking the ice in breakout rooms. 

On Wee-bot Writing:

“The writers have such unique perspectives on things that we might otherwise consider unremarkable. Don’t miss the writers’ extraordinary take on the ordinary.”

Aidan Connolly

Not only has Aidan been a Wee-bot champion, but he also has supported The Robot Supply Co. by taking on a regular volunteer store shift during the weekend! He has eagerly learned our systems and products to be able to tell the story of 826michigan to our store guests and answer the multitude of questions folks often have about the gadgets and gizmos.

More about Aidan:

Aidan’s Favorite Book
The Alchemist by Paolo Coehlo

Favorite Childhood Costume
“My Grandfather helped make a mean Robinhood costume when I was in elementary school”

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